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What is the origin of your name?


I came up with Roivaskrad when I found the first class that got me in a game: Death Knight in WoW, as I have always gravitated toward the damage focused classes that either use a big 2h weapon or flashy spells and the DK was both of those. I figured as a Death Knight that the dark background (reanimated to serve some - usually - evil being) along with now being a hero could be combined to make a good name thus the origin: ‘Dark Savior’. But it just seemed too generic.

So I added some of my personality to it by reversing the words/letters: ‘Dark Savior’ <-> ‘roivaS kraD’ and of course fixing the capitalization to fit the new order and combined them into a single name as that seemed to roll of the tongue easier: ‘roivaS kraD’ -> ‘Roivaskrad’.

I was definitely the first to be using this in WoW as I had the only 3 characters with this name for like 3-4 years, but it seems to have caught on as I have moved servers many times. I’ve also often been asked if it’s Russian, but as I don’t speak Russian I simply say no and assume that is correct :slight_smile:

SN: I pronounce it: roy - vus - krad


FFXI has been extremely meaningful to me for a large portion of the past 15 years. I also like black metal a lot, and seeing how Varg plucked “Burzum” out of the Black Speech, I realized FFXI was to me what LOTR was to him, in the sense that I became obsessed with the lore. So I sought out to find a name in homage to my greatest video game love. Vahzl has a bit of a black metal ring to it as well without sounding too “FF-ish” or being a direct name of a zone/NPC/well-known weapon, so I knew it was right when all this dawned on me.


I like Fallen London, and I like the word Yeet. The conclusion was Mr. Yeeten


back in the good old days of lan partys at friends houses 14yr old me thought it would be a really great id for my computer. 22 years later i still go by that nick 'cause (not so) deep inside im still that little boy :smiley: