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What is the origin of your name?


Mine is my full name. Rob Leroy Benson. Just flows well. So much for anonymity on the internet :P.


Mine is from YuYu Hakusho, Yusuke Urameshi. :slight_smile:


Sheng came from Xisheng but since noone could pronounce Xisheng properly I went with Sheng, originally came from playing Dofus when I had a Sacrier and couldn’t think of a name for it so I went and translated Sacrifice which was one of the main skills it used into traditional simplified Chinese and I’ve stuck with it since then


My username on this site is one I made up a long time ago, and it isn’t one I’m currently using for any of my actual characters. It’s got a few (very dumb and lazy) multi-layered jokes in it, but the main reason behind it? I really liked the character Daisuke Aramaki from Ghost in the Shell, so when I looked to make an original name for myself I took that as a base and tweaked it until I had a result with 0 meaningful search results. Now I’ve been using it for over a decade and basically all of the google hits are me. :V



Well I always prefer to play a ‘Paladin’ type character and since I first started playing online games with D2 I needed a good name for the Char, and since the original Paladin was the ‘Banisher of all Evil by following the path of light’ it just fell into place: Deaths Bane (Deaths Banisher)

Now, I will claim to be the very first owner of the Char name ‘Deathbane’ since in the early Diablo online worlds the IGNs were #unique unlike the current D3

I carried the name over to my WoW (It was also the first Deathbane on Wow) days and still use it for the first Char I have in any games with a Paladin type char.

Oh, and the char is always a guy, I sometimes play girl chars but never use the name Deathbane, that just wouldn’t be right…


I just thought it sounded cool.


I see some really amazing names here.

Naming my Accounts & Characters properly was always something quite important to me when playing a game.

I really like ‘Generic’ Names and Medieval felt like a great account name for a Fantasy game.


I had a friend who after a few drinks will start saying all sorts of weird non-sense, once he said something like: ‘piroiamakajokan’ , and from that i tried to make a something that sounds cool, this was quite some time ago, still using it everywhere xD


A lot of people think my name comes from the death metal band, but it’s actually the name of the villain from the Elric of Melnibone series of fantasy novels. I use it in all RPG video games.


Erevos in Greek means Darkness ( the Total darkness created in the begining of time ) and Dante is a reference both in Dante’s Inferno poem and Iced Earth’s song


I really like simple names, so if someone have to type it for some reason (especially grouping) he/she doesn’t have to struggle with some weird words or even letters.
Back in the days, when i started playing WoW, my first character was a BE Paladin, so i gave him the name “Nalarian”.
Then someone started to call me just “Nala” and i liked it, plus it sounded better for my twitch channel (“Nala GaMinG”==>“NalaGMG”).