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What is the origin of your name?


Almost everyone’s IGN (in-game name) has a purpose or meaning, and I thought it would be interesting to see the reasons behind the names we choose. Post here why you chose your IGN and what it means for you.

I’ll start. I am from Latin America so spanish is my native languague (sorry if my grammar doesn’t look very natural sometimes). My first name is Frederic (like Chopin), and in spanish is Federico. The nickname for Federico is Fede (the “e” sounds like the “e” from Frederic), so I used to utilize SirFede, MrFede or even LordFede as nickname in most games and forums. FedeS or FedeZi (Discord) too.

Your turn.


Mine is a nickname a friend of mine gave me long time ago, the only nickname I ever got that’s derived from my real name - which is very rare and short, therefore doesn’t really have easy/estabilished nicknames. I like it and have been using it for a while now ( albeit with different english spellings). (19)72 is merely the year I was born - yeah I’m old…



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My real name is Gregory and in my teenage years, I attended parties with friends etc, and one fun evening i got called Greggles and it stuck. So i go by Gr3ggl3s :slight_smile:


Myself and a dude who is now named “XanCopper” were originally trolling Xangold on twitch. I liked XanMercury quite a lot, so it stuck.


I like how you said almost, because mine doesn’t have a meaning. It was a random string of letters I picked when trying to figure out an alternate name since my usual name had started to be taken on games after Mass Effect was released. I first used Taliesin, which got shortened in some games to “Tali” because of the length (it was too long in Halo 1, which is what I played most).


Mine is rather simple like MrFederico, but rather with the French language, my last name is “Noël”, which means Christmas in French, but rather to simply write my last name, I tried Nohell which is about the same way to spell “Noël”, that’s how my gamertag is born


mine is just the char name of my first wow character and was nothing special.


One of my main character traits… and I really like how this word sounds!


Mine is just my Middle name but is a reason behind it If you have ever heard of hot knives lol(ill leave it at that)


I don’t remember how I came up with mine. It was when ESO first came out and I wanted to give my character a last name. I just thought it was so cool I have used it ever since and if the name is taken i use í as the i instead


I looked at my sink one day when I was in my early teens and it was a Delta drain. Over time I added n00b so it didn’t feel so bland and also helped with names already taken. I also get joked with depending how bad or good I do in a game like yeah you play just like your name, or your name is deceiving and shouldn’t have n00b in it haha.


From high school, my name isn’t Dom but I got that as a nickname for a few days / weeks.

Domo stuck for a bit longer and I went by that for the majority of senior high school amongst friends.

Domoleus was the extended name, reserved for when we’d walk through local forests and tracks in a heightened state of universal awareness.


It’s our favourite role in Overwatch!



My name comes from another language, as many others have said. My wife is Cambodian, so I just use bits and pieces of the language for different character names.

Loak = “Mr.” or “Sir”. Pdey (or btei) is a phonetic for the word “Husband”. In the Cambodian language, a woman would use these two words together - Loak Pdey - when talking about their husband to someone else.

When naming characters, I try to shorten the name to Loak, and then add a characteristic of the character I am playing, like Destroloak (Warlock), or Loakdehun (Demon Hunter) as a few character names I have had in WoW.



Since high school, any game I have played I have always tried to get “NickZ” as an account/character name. Since my real name (especially my last) is quite elaborate, I have always been called Nick and have had my last name shortened to “Z” in many instances. I have been at the other side of many mispronunciations, and every time makes me laugh. Even events like graduation, or when people call me asking for me specifically, I can always rely on a butchering of my name to make me smile. I very much enjoy it, and goes to show how varied our names really are.


My nickname is the name I used for my main character in Dungeons & Dragons when I was younger. I still use it for nearly every character I play in a video game.


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Random from 20+ years ago


Well this name was originally from this game called Astroempires have used it on many servers there so I decided to bring it to other games plus I like to play stealth characters in games or stealth games so it works.