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What is the origin of your name?

I used to play competitive Pokemon back in the days of Diamond/Pearl. Back then I was a young, edgy lad, so my first title was “RayquazaX”

There was this really weird doubles comp I used to run that involved making use of an Electivire and a Swampert, which were named Storm and Quake respectively. Back in Diamond and Pearl, you needed friend codes to battle people on wi-fi, so you sort of needed to know them, but to make up for this, you could voice chat through the DS. The connection was horrible, of course, given internet over 12 years ago and the DS’s suboptimal communications hardware.

Anyway, I was battling one of my friends, and he got really frustrated with this team composition, and in his frustration said “You and your fucking Storm and Quake.” Although, the connection cut out briefly, so I heard something more like “Y- -d your fucki- Storm-Quake.” I thought “Stormquake” sounded really cool, and so it just kind of become my tag in almost everything from that point onwards.


Mine comes from an early onset addiction to Red Alert 2/StarCraft, more precisely, Yuri and The Overmind.

What I didn’t know, with my poor english skills, when I was 13~14, was that “controller”, should have 2 Ls. When I finally found out it should, although the change would be miniscule and probably not really affect “who I was” online, I just stayed with it. Makes for fun interactions when people say “how can I believe you, since your are controLing my mind” and stuff. (Also, the IGN very frequently causes this interaction, which is very amusing.)

P.S.: Prior to mindcontroler though, I briefly went as Hitman, obviously because I was some kind of edgelord and liked the game, which my mom remembers fondly, because people from the lanhouse I used to go (go is a weak term… used to live at is more accurate) at the time would usually call here and would ask her for “hitman” for me to go join them. I changed from Hitman because I didn’t like just using the game’s name. Felt lame.


I took this name from “Dean” Winchester the hero in Supernatural movie alongside this brother Sam Winchester but i modyfied it a little because i find it funny .
This wife seem to be the death itself , he already died quite a bit in the movie and revived so the death follow them :wink:


I loved Supernatural xD Dean is my idol.


Seamus is the Irish Gaelic spelling of my given name. Redfern references one of my favourite books growing up, ‘Where the Red Fern Grows’.


I like mustard


I had a lot of fun teenage years so ive had the email permafrying@ whatever im using for a long time. Eventually i realised i had to do something more appropriate if i was planning on starting to stream. but not my actual name. So i cut it down and added _a. One because numbers suck to use in your name. And 2 becauae a_a its a face lol


This has been my In-game name since 1987, when I started developing content for the very early lpmud internet games. It is a constellation in the night sky, and the “star sign” that I name when somebody asks me what my star sign is. Of course, it means “Eagle” in Greek, and often appears in games as part of the content.


Nice. In spanish Eagle is “Aguila”. Interesting how all of our languages are connected.

That game I mentioned that my name game from (more or less) had a guild in it named Aquila. lol One of the top guilds.

And yeah, a lot of languages are very similar. I was surprised when I found out how many similar words Spanish and Tagalog shared.

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My specialty was psionic abilities, and built a guild around them. One idea that I’ve never seen implemented anywhere else was the ability to attack monsters remotely with your mind. I guess hard to do in graphical isometric game play (you would be in two places at the same time).

<<<<< pretty much self explanatory lol the Y’s just looked cooler

Reimer = Middle name.
Then I added the ‘h’ at the end from my last name. But it’s a silent h.
Arts = I’m into art and I’m a graphics designer.
So Reimerh Arts is my own company name :wink:

Full-time practicing Tibetan Buddhist and staff at a buddhist center. :pray:

When I was 8 I was watching my dad play the sorcerer character in Diablo 2, named “Aranje”. Later I turned that Name into “Ayranjie”, for no reason but sound and extra letter. :sunglasses:

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Mine is simple,if you know me at least :sweat_smile: familly name plu and birthyear 89 so most of the time i use pluke or pluke89, simple as that hehe

My name comes from the random name generator from the game: panfu. Its like a discount edition penguin club

The year was 1999 and Final Fantasy 8 was the new big thing (for me).

This game features a subset of characters you get to play during “dream sequence”-type events. One of these characters, Kiros, used bladed weapons that were called “katal” in the literature (I forget if this was in the booklet that came with the game, or if it was the strategy guide - but it was at least one of the two).

In 2000, Diablo 2 was released. I am one of those people who is universally bad at coming up with character names, and I liked the sound of “katal” so I threw some letters on the end to make it sound fantasy-ish.

Katalaeia has been my name in almost every game I’ve played since then. What can I say, it stuck. :smiley:

My name is just the name of a small run down town or settlement that I was raised in called Oretta. I simply flipped the name around and used it in my earlier gaming experiences and it just sort of stuck. It was that or TillyTil which is just a play on my first name.