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Read official updates for Last Epoch, including game news, company updates, and developer messages.

Developer Blog

Read up on what’s going on behind the scenes and get insights into the development and design of Last Epoch.

Patch Notes

See details on what’s new in our latest game updates or dig into previous development progression.


For discussion about Last Epoch and Eleventh Hour Games.

Feedback and Suggestions

Have ideas on how Last Epoch could be even better? Post them here!


Posts here don’t need to be relevant, but should be respectful.


For discussion on the Acolyte and its mastery classes including the Necromancer, Warlock and Lich.


Discuss the Mage and its mastery classes including the Sorcerer, Runemaster, and Spellblade.


For discussion on the Primalist and its mastery classes including the Beastmaster, Shaman, and Druid


Discuss the Rogue and its mastery classes including the Bladedancer, Falconer, and Marksman.


Discuss the Sentinel and its mastery classes including the Forge Guard, Paladin, and Void Knight.

Customer Service

Please use this section for Customer Service issues.

Technical Support

For performance issues, crashes, and other technical issues.

Bug Reports

For reporting bugs in Last Epoch, our launcher, and the website.