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What is the origin of your name?


Mine is simply my original XBL gamertag - somewhat random on how I came up with it, but it was basically due to me getting in to the Halo 2 beta and needing xbox live to participate. It has stuck ever since.


I was called “Shadow” in the first gaming community where I used a Temaspeak Server, which is derived from my first Nickname “Shadow_Sleeper”. Because that nick was often already in use it changed to SleepingShadow over time.

And the sleeping part, well maybe I was just tired that day.


No purpose meaning. Just a nickname.


I was trying to make Penguin look a bit more high-fantasy on my first WoW character.


I wanted something catchy for my stream channel.


I chose mine after my favourite band, Therion, who were for a very short time called Megatherion (Great Beast). Since I’m only small fry, I took Mikrotherion (Little Beast). I studied old Greek as well, so having a Greek name seemed appropriate. Has a nice sound to it, too. :smiley:

To Mega Therion was a title used by Aleister Crowley, and since Therion’s lyrics are heavily influenced by occultism, that’s where their name comes from.


This is my favourite. :stuck_out_tongue:


May sound convenient, but I’ve honestly been curious about your name for a while now.

I never studied Greek so I didn’t pick up on that at all.


[quote quote=6875]

Paengwyn wrote:
I was trying to make Penguin look a bit more high-fantasy on my first WoW character.
This is my favourite. 😛[/quote]

Yep, that’s genius. :smiley:


Mine is from my favorite song from my favorite band–“The Sentinel”, by Judas Priest. I’ve spelled it Syntinel for so long now, I have to think hard about how to actually spell “sentinel”. :slight_smile:


Kek is the god of Primordial Darkness in ancient Egyptian mythology, though the lore is a lot more intricate.

Image already added


My nickname is a warped version of ‘fire hydrant’ in my language.


Oh… that shows what I’ve spent time studying. :stuck_out_tongue:

I saw ‘Kek’ and thought you were a member of the Horde saying ‘lol’ in WoW.


Keyframing = animation !


Okay, I’ll try to explain it as far back as I can, till now.

My first real nickname, “came” to me on boarding school, around 2005. I was and am a huge LOTR fan. So I found out that Frodo’s ringmail, given to him by Bilbo, was made of a metal called Mithril, and I thought, that’s pretty cool. So I swapped the first letter out with the first letter of my name. Which gave Nithril. That was probably not my first nickname, but my first real nickname. I’ve used other nicknames before that, but I have no idea what that was.

I’ve tried different variations of combinations with the letters in my name, backwards and stuff like that. But nothing really stuck with that.

So my next nickname was a couple of years later, around 2008-2009 that was Anexio. I have no idea where that came from, 'nor the next one after that. I was a Counter-Strike player at that time.

Then I started playing LoL in the end of 2009/beginning of 2010, and obviously my account name was going to be Anexio, since that was my nickname at that time. But I knew nothing about LoL at that time, except the genre of the game. So I signed up with Anexio, and downloaded the client, and to my surprise there was a summoner name, so Nanobug was the one I picked. Because there was a difference between account name and summoner name (displayed name/the one you add to your friendslist). And I was a bit confused, since you didn’t create multiple characters like you did in Diablo 2 back then. But Nanobug appeared, and I stuck with.

A little extra info, for those who doesn’t know: “nano” is a very small piece of something, it means “one billionth”. So I took it a step further. And when I added alts/secondary accounts, I would swap “nano” out, with something like “peta”, “exa”, “atto”, and so on. If you want to know what the different one means, search on Google for “Metric prefix” and a Wikipedia page should show up, and you can see a list, and it’s values.

I’ve also used my last name as my nickname. But that turned out to be problematic when my younger siblings used that too.

Also, when I failed miserably in a game, which happens sometimes, my friends would tease me, and replace nano with mega, and call me “Megabug”.

That turned out to be longer than expected, but it was fun writing it all down for once.


My name is my nickname in Hawaiian; before that I was using some auto-generated ones from FFXI


Use to play ALOT of Unreal Tournament back in the day (the original one back in 2000) and use to play bot matches regularly. Was coming up with names for the bots and I’ve always liked Greek/Roman mythological names such as Prometheus, etc. So wanted to come up with a similar name but with a demonic type of edge to it. So came up with Demonasius (pronounced demon-ace-e-us) and I liked it alot so been using it ever since.


My name is Gregory and there is no interesting story behind my nickname.
I’m interested in the history of Spain. Nickname I used earlier when playing Path of Exile and long ago playing Ogame


Mine is pretty simple. I’m Australian, and have some mental health issues. Ergo, the Crazy Aussie.


Hichi -> Hichigo -> Bleach (manga/anime) fan name.

Ever since he appeared I just used his name, and it has stuck since. Can’t get rid of it (even after more or less quitting anime).

Nothing too special otherwise :expressionless:


Moxjet from Magic the Gathering - first power nine card I ever traded for! Nothing was better than turn one dropping a sol ring, mox, dual land, and Birds of Paradise (with Mark Poole art :heart:)