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What are your top 3 games (by hours played) in your steam library?

Pretty solid numbers in LE!

Probably I could spend so much time only in HoMM3. :laughing:

P.S: In Grim Dawn community there are people having > 10k hours.

Definitely not judging anyone here. But I’m really struggling to comprehend how people can squeeze thousands of hours of enjoyment out of games like e.g. Grim Dawn. To me, the content just seems way too limited for that sort of commitment.

My top (and very non-Steam) score probably stems from the early MMORPG era. I vaguely recall spending some thousand hours in Asheron’s Call back in the day. Objectively speaking, it was a truly terrible game. But in terms of crack-like experiences, I think the first time you try an MMORPG is hard to beat.

Alts, lots of alts. And trying to get the perfect (or sometimes just “good”) MIs.

Having a solid foundation that speaks to a certain players is already a good first step.

For me GD for example had probably like 200-300 hours content for my 2 “main” chars. First few chars were basically getting used to the game, discovering all it’s possibilties. I already had like 4 or 5 chars created and relatively high lvl unti li fully grasped alot of game system and possiblities.

My 2 main chars really gave a a few hundred hours of min-maxing but then the Multiplayer did gave me countless of “additional” fun, playing dozens of chars with friend, testing out all the items i found on my main chars.

Grim Dawn was a game, were i created new chars to test out certain Legendary Set or Items. Building a char around a specific Item was just fun, doing that in MP was 10x more fun already, even when doing the same story over and over and over again.

A game that i played excessively more than GD was Marvel Heroes, which just had fun gameplay and multiple different playstyles per character. At the end before the game got closed down the game had 60 (SIXTY) playable chars, every char having 3 skill trees that offered totally idfferent plasytles and could be mixed and matched.

Each and every char felt unique with minimal “copy & paste” abilities that are just slightly reskinned. (There were definite some scenearios, of this happening but just for chars were they have a lot in common from their base powers. Like for Example “The Thing” and “Hulk” or “Wolverine” and “X-23”). They share similar traits and thus similar skills, but played totally differently and had totally different Ressources and Skills.

Marvel Heroes on top of that excessive replayability for multipe chars had an absolutely awesome system called “Prestige”. Which let you reset a given character to level 1, after reaching maximum level (60). Your Oerhead Name, did get a different Colour, visible for all other players (the game had a MMO-esq appraoch with Social HUB’s and Partyplay).
You could do that procees up to 4 times after reaching max level and then do it a 5th time with a exp penalty, onyl getting 1/25th exp. But your Name was Cosmic Gold/Yellow-ish.

This Feature was on a character to character basis, which led to endless replayability.
Marvel Heroes then of course also had insanely cool group/party content and Events with Leadersboards.

TL:DR: Replayability provided by several different game systems and multiplayer content can massively increase a game’s longevity

Oh buddy, on mine we have:

  1. DotA 2 - 4741 hrs
  2. Oxygen Not Included - 1330 hrs
  3. PoE - 556 hrs

Genuinely surprised ONI was that high, but I do love the game.

Actually my 4th most played with 190 hrs!

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I’ve clocked some 150 hours in GD myself. Did one run through in beta and then another a few weeks ago with all the expansions. I think the game does a lot of things that are best in class. I was particularly impressed by the razor sharp hit detection. Probably the only ARPG where I’ve had complete confidence in the game’s ability to register real hits and dodges. But I also couldn’t ever really get into the class designs. Way too many cooldowns for my taste, among other things. So playing through it more than once or twice was never really on the table for me.

Hm each and every class has several spammable skills and most of the cooldown skills are like just a few seconds. But if you don’t like cooldown, there are definitely ways to play with no or just 1 or 2 medicore cooldowns. (like 3-4 second cooldowns)
I personally like big cooldowns very much. Sadly that is not a big thing in LE.

What i really love about Grim Dawn is the Higher End Items all have a very clear “theme”, while providing benefits to 3 different classes (most of them). Leading to making the same item totally viable for several different build and class combinations, since you can only choose 2 classes at once.

Finding and discovering new items was one of the most statisfying things. Building and theorycrafting around particular items is so fun and finding other items to to fit them.
On that note, the Monster Infrequent System is one of the most enjoyable itemization systems ever.

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Said no werebear trying to capitalize on passives buffs ever.

Well if take into account old times before steam the list will looks like as follows:

  1. HoMM series - most hours were spent in 3rd part

  2. TES series - and again 3rd wins, it were good times playing in Morrowind

  3. D&D games (BG, BG2, IWD, IWD2, NWN2) and King’s Bounty series

As for Steam library statistic:

  1. Grim Dawn - 2,835h.
    No surprise since the game gives players builds diversity and variety in playstyles. Folks from GD community here could remember my favorite battle mage builds and not only it. :wink:

  2. Assassin’s Creed Odyssey - 296h.
    The game brings you back to good old times of TQ and and immerses well in the atmosphere of the ancient world.

  3. Last Epoch - 246h.
    I would say “It’s no the end it’s just the beginning” - RL stuff can break your plans but if the game is interesting and promising you will come back later. :grin:

god i miss marvel heroes. spidey was my one and only.

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Literally all the Heroes were designed so well, they all played soooo differently, even the ones that shared similar traits.

My main for a long time was Scarlet Witch and when they released Juggernaut, he became my main, but still loved to play both.

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Elite Dangerous: 1697 hours
Grim Dawn: 1379 hours
Skyrim: 969 hours