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This game should be NOTHING like PoE, Grim Dawn or Diablo 3, stop mentioning those~!

You guys will ruin this game for real… Finally after diablo 2 here is a game that might be equal to it and you people want to drag it down by making it more like those horrible games that came after diablo 2 and NEVER filled the aRPG void until Last Epoch showed up.\

I guess wanting Last Epoch to stay unique has nothing to do with Last Epoch, roger that

This is not helpful, constructive or meaningful in any way buddy.


How is it not. If people stopped bringing up all those bad points there would be 75% more effort and time spend on actually developing this game into something unique / make sure it stays unique instead of dragging in elements they like from those bad games.

Saying that Last Epoch should stay itself is actually the most constructive thing ive read on here.

I should probably not react to this but, you are not in position to tell, what is good or bad point. Let’s people decide for themselves and let them talk about what they want. If not here, then where? I alone like original pitch of LE, I would love, if the game would not move too away from their original ideas, but I would never tell anyone what they like is wrong and they should not bring it up. (and if I did, I am truly sorry).

Also feel free to agree or disagree with anyone, just try to (dis)agree in civil way.


Well the fact that they cant defend their points when an argument is being had on a certain element of the game pretty much shows theyre bad undefendable points. And how are you going to say, people cant talk about what they want but I cant? XD

Mustn’t draw comparisons between LE & other aRPGs, roger that.

Reminds me of the (hopefully apocryphal anecdote but probably not) that during the development of Anthem, they weren’t allowed to draw parallels with Destiny.

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It does tell me all I need to know, that you appear to have an incredibly myopic view of aRPGs. But that’s your right & our conversations have shown me that you’re not capable of changing your mind on this. shrugs


Im with ya OP. I also want LE to be as unique as it can be.

Unfortunately it wont be. its not the developers its the genre. There is only so much “new”, if any, that can be brought into an arpg. Classes, loot, crafting, economy, mob mechanics, QoL, etc. SO much as been done already and alot of it we like no matter what game it is.

Keep the faith bro. I believe these guys some “new” stuff for us arpg lovers.


Of course you can but here

is nothing constructive. We have to talk about specifics and this thread is not about anything specific, it’s here just to…I am not sure what is the point of this thread :slight_smile:

If you just wanted to voice your disagreement with opinions of some people here, this is not the best way to do it.

I’m not sure if you dislike something that much you’d be able to bring much constructive to the table. I certainly wouldn’t if it were a discussion on jazz. Or drum & bass (though most of my contributions about other music would be “I like that”, or “I don’t like that”).

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You click stuff, you kill stuff, you loot stuff, you kill more stuff, you loot more stuff… sounds like PoE, D3, GD, D2, Loki and whatnot to me. There was never a big difference in ARPGs it’s all the same stuff with more or less stuff added to it while most of it was in most cases pretty much useless.

  1. This game is definitely already like those games

  2. What’s wrong with that? If that’s what they like there is nothing wrong with that

  3. This happens in the gaming industry all the time with every genre, it’s called iterative game design and it generally works well


I think there’s a stark difference between wanting a game to have unique elements and wanting it to be completely different than everything else that exists, particularly since it’s established that LE will be in the aRPG genre, which has a number of common elements that people think define it.

I would also think that it’s healthy to discuss other games in the genre, and the things they do well and the things the fall short (or fail) at. Doing something different for the sake of doing something different almost never yields good results, as there are often really good reasons behind design decisions that are consistent within a genre.

This doesn’t mean there aren’t ways to stand out, be unique, or put a twist on the formula. I haven’t seen anyone that wants LE to be a clone of POE, GD, or D3. They just have opinions that some of the things that LE does different may not work as well as the way they were done in one of those other games. Even if the devs don’t choose to change something based on that feedback, it’s actually really valuable, as it gives insight into what players are concerned about.

Just my opinion here, but I think you’d be better served to focus and post on some of the things LE does differently that you really like, and why you like them, rather than telling people they will ruin the game for having a different opinion about something.


Every arpg ever (Grim dawn, PoE, Torchlight, Wolcen, Warhammer, Victor Vran, Van Helsing etc) is refered as Diablo clone, it’s immediately considered derivative and is always compared to what X game did to be as good as Diablo, and how some aspects are bad since they are not 100% done in the same way. Just because the genre is same and the Diablo was a pioneer in the genre doesn’t mean that every game should be so closely compared to it. IGN, PC Gamer, Kotaku, etc, all of them when describing an upcoming ARPG are calling it a copy of Diablo and how if it’s anything different, it’s considered a failed experiment. That my friends is what a scummy journalism is.
Diablo really is what defines this genre, but for example Diablo is also a pioneer in introducing the talent trees into RPGs, the talent trees we see today in every single game, and nobody mentions if the talents are done as good as in Diablo. That’s because todays gaming websites are heavily influenced and payed by major companies and term like Diablo clone for any ARPG discredits any game and reduces it’s chance to success, while it glorifies Diablo on a whole new level.

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D2 did, D1 used skill books to level up the skills.

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Yes but that doesn’t change the things, when a game is called Diablo clone is not necessarily referred to Diablo 1. I’d say they are referring to Diablo franchise in general

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Every single aRPG mentioned in the OP is relevant to the conversations to every other aRPG being or going to be made, there is no getting away from it.

IF, yes its a big if, LE is equal to D2 when its finished, then its done well.

Well, I really liked D2 back then and played the hell out if it. And D3 was a big disappointment.

But I doubt that an exact carbon copy of D2 will really be that successful.

People have romantic feelings about the good old times where the grass was more green and rubber boots were made of wood.

But you don’t ever get that feeling again. A D2 copy will make you realise how much the genre has evolved. Perhaps for a short time we would feel the nostalgia and be satisfied. But only if it was a D2 Remaster.

LE with D2 mechanics only would not bring back D2 times. It would just be awful.

Bringing back D2 vibes like LE currently does, is something completely different, imho.

But restricting people to talk about other genre competitors won’t do anything good.

It’s sad to see so many people here wasting their time on this topic (me uncluded)…


Yeh, i never said an exact copy, i said if it equals it.

It has nothing to do with romantic feelings, if i want to play D2, i can play D2

Again never said LE should be a D2 copy

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Sorry, dude. I confused the reply buttons. My reply was on the topic, not on your specific post.