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Some questions

I just bought LE. I chose an Acolyte as my first character. Then at level 3 i got a new skill unlocked - Marrow Shards. But How do I check which of two skills - Marrrow Shards or Rip Blood deal more damage? I don’t see any DPS check stat. Is it in game? How do I compare two skills?

  1. I opened the passive skills tree and pressed a passive by mistake. I couldn’t find a way to change that. How do I regret the passive? Undo the passive allocation. Is it possble? I thought it was possible in every aRPG I’ve played so far (as soon as you 've not closed the skill window).


Hi Garfunkel,
currently there is not a well optimized dps tooltip in the game for every skill to compare damage output. Especially spells are hard to compare with their dps. The devs are working on a new tooltip that will come in the future. The only way to compare skills is by testing the skills at a training dummy.
About your second question: When you reach the Council Chambers early in the game there is a npc called Chronomancer Lerinne. You can respec Mastery points there for gold.
Try to use the search bar in this forum. Most of the questions have been answered here on other threads and you can get information that you need pretty fast. But if you don’t find any answers feel free to ask, there are many players to help you out. And feel free to give feedback to the devs. Cheers


Thanks a lot you’ve helped me !

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Not to create a new topic I decided to ask another question here - where in game can I see the ‘added damage effectiveness’ of a skill ? Or is it a hidden parameter?

hover your mouse over the skill on your skill bar and hold alt. if it has more (or less) than 100% added damage effectiveness, it will be listed. if it doesn’t say, it’s assumed to be 100%.


Thanks. I dropped an unique amulet Gambler’s Fallacy . It has a stat giving 100% crit chance if I’ve not dealt critical hit recenlty. How long is that ‘recently’ in LE? 4 sec as in PoE or longer?

Exactly :ok_hand:

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Except when it’s 3s (enemies heal if not damage recently).

It’s me again with a new fresh question :smiley:
Does any poison skill apply poison stacks? And any lightning skill apply shock? Or I need a ‘chance to poison’?
For example, a skill X deal poison damage on hit. But I have 0% chance to poison on hit. So that poison skill just deals damage of poison as any other element without stacking poisons on a target.
On the other hand If I have 100% chance to poison will my non-poison skill (like necrotic one) still poison?

No, though poison is a bit of an oddity.

Ailments (both damaging like poison, ignite & bleed and non-damaging like shock, freeze & stun) require a % chance to be able to apply them. Once you have that, any skill that hits (ie, doesn’t have the DoT tag) can apply them.

Ailments aren’t bound to specific damage types (shock/lightning, chill/cold, etc) though the damaging ailments do a specific damage type (poison is it’s own damage element as well as the ailment that does that damage, ignite is a fire DoT, etc) & getting more “% increased fire damage” will make an ignite do more damage (as well as a number of other affixes/modifiers).

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@Llama8 thanks! Does Aura of Decay apply poison stacks even if I don’t have any chance to poison? I found this one on the Internet

Poison is a Damage Over Time Status inflicted as an On Hit Effect or from some Skills

so as I understand there are 3 poison skills (AoD, Venom Nova, Serpent Stike) that can poison even if I have 0% chance to poison?

Yes, Aura of Decay applies stacks of poison because that’s what the spell does, it doesn’t hit, it just applies stacks within it’s AoE at whatever rate it has.

This is where you get into the inherent wonkiness of poison… There are also some others that can be given the ability to poison such as Wandering Souls, they are the exception to the rule.

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Yeah there are just some skills that explicitly state they apply a certain ailment, even without “hitting”.

Like Llama did state, Aura Of Decay does “apply” poison. (4 Stacks per second by default)
Another example that is not the norm would be disintegrate, it does not “hit”, but has support for shock and ignite within it’s tree. So only the shock and ignite chance from Disintegrates tree works to apply those with that skill.

If you are not sure about something, it is always usefull to press and hold [alt] whiel hovering over a skill, that gives alot of extra informations.


Skills with the DoT tag can only apply ailments from within it’s own skill tree (like Disintegrate & Aura of Decay) & don’t benefit from any % chance from any other source.


Thanks guys. But I again came up with a new question^^ . What about Crimson Gluttony (Acolyte) passive? It causes less life drain. At first I thought that would be good for Lych skill Reaper Form. But then I noticed that RF states it ‘decays life’ not ‘drains’ it. And it is not % based. So I guess Crimson Gluttony will not help to counter RF health decay? Am I right?

It does not help with Reaper form. Like you said Reaper is health decay so it won’t be affected. Reaper has its own formula 0.06t^2 + 0.3t +2 where t is time spent in reaper

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I must say the LE community is super helpful ! Thanks a lot. I’ve already learned a lot from you guys! I’m happy I purchased this awesome game

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Crimson Gluttony (Acolyte) and Volatile Blood (Lich) Passive Nodes are mainly meant to counter-act the “drain” from “Unclosing Wound” (Lich) and Mind Over Matter (Lich) Passive Nodes.

All other sources of “losing health over time” are not considered “Health drain” to the best of my knowledge, maybe there will be more in the future.


Is there any way to know which Chapter i’m currently in (compaign)?

  • Chapter 1 ends with the Council Chambers
  • Chapter 2 is the left section on the map from the Council Chambers
  • Chapter 3 is the right section on the map to the end of time
  • Chapter 4 is from the Outcast camp to Admiral Harton
  • Chapter 5 is the Shining Cove to Maj’Elka Waystation
  • Chapter 6 is Desert Waystation up to the Immortal Citadel
  • Chapter 7 is Heoborea up to the Tomb of Morditas
  • Chapter 8 is south from Heoborea to Lagon

As far as I’m aware.

Edit: And yes, Trikster is too slow…