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Patch 0.7.8 Removes 70% of the Game

Greetings, Travelers!

As you know, our content patches include targeted optimizations. Patch 0.7.6 removed a few sources of stutter and fixed specific skills not being performant, and Patch 0.7.7 significantly improved framerates in many instances. Patch 0.7.8 will be continuing this trend.

One of the focuses of our efforts for Patch 0.7.8 is reducing the size of a Last Epoch install. I use Windows, Linux, and macOS regularly. On Windows 10 my Last Epoch folder is about 47.5 GB in size, on Ubuntu 20.04 it is around 50 GB, and on Catalina 10.15.4 it is approximately 51 GB.

Internally, we have Windows builds just over 12 GB in size. In Patch 0.7.8 we will be adding another chapter of story content, however, we anticipate the game remaining ≤ 15 GB.

Effects of this optimization will include;

  • Future patches entailing smaller downloads
  • Fresh installs of the game having smaller downloads
  • Less space being required during the patching procedure

Additionally, we plan to replace the launcher used for our standalone client with one that streams data, which will further reduce the free space required to perform updates. We aren’t ready to offer an ETA for this, and it is unlikely to be ready in time for Patch 0.7.8.

Finally, just to be completely clear - no game content is being removed in this update. The shrinking of Last Epoch install sizes is entirely the product of optimization.

Be sure to keep an eye out next week! We’ll be previewing a few new enemies being added to the game in Patch 0.7.8 and looking at some new animations for the Mage. :eyes:


I love the sound of this due to the fact my download speeds are a joke.

Looking forward to the patch.

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Sounds good! Keep up the great work!

that’s great news, especially for those with data caps etc (not me, but hey). Will there also be specific in-game optimizations for next patch?

I like the sound of that and hope there are some juicy sneak peeks in store

Click bait title! Shame on you, Sarno! :laughing:

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Usually we don’t… I honestly thought this one was fun, though. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Awesome news!

Does this mean 0.7.7 and future updates will be available on linux finally ?

Unfortunately, we are still waiting on an update to our sound system that corrects the issue.

As we need to be able to QA patches prior to them being released, and Patch 0.7.8 is getting closer, it is starting to look possible that on Linux we’ll be going directly from 0.7.6c to 0.7.8.

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If everything in the game now is going to 12 GB and the patch will bring it to around 15 GB…then this is a massive patch. Super hyped to see what all is included.

I’m ready!

Every Update I get more and more excited! You guys are doing one hell of a job ! ! !

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I think you did not get it right… It’s not “massive”. It’s ultra light :grin:

Same great taste…half the calories!


Love it!! hopefully patch 0.7.8 has multiplayer :smiley: me and the gf been waiting to play!

Dobster’s only glad because he lives in the arse end of beoynd and uses carrier pidgeons for internet.

Still +1 to Sarno for clickbait…

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This is simply amazing


when I saw 47gig long time ago i though it was a bug or something, I was craving for space on my ssd, so i uninstall and install with a potato connection, big mistake

Was just about to post the same thing.


Awesome, Keep up the amazing work :blush: