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(my first build) Its over 9000!

Hi guys, here I will port my first build which is still work in progress (a lot of progress) but I will keep everyone updated.

I am melee lover and I play with sentinel, haven’t pick any other class yet but I have like 12 sentinels in my account just for testing and at-last I manage to found my love. I am still not sure how to call the build (open to ideas) but most likely it will be “over 9000” or “the infinity”…

The build is just at 15-17% of completion. When I get to 100 and craft the items with the desire affixes I will post a full guide and video of arena pushing with it.

I am sure I can hit over 20 000% physical damage.

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Hey guys I just uploaded the video guide. Its my first even build and video so please don’t be harsh. Also I was very nervous the whole time and I start shuttering from time to time, sorry for that…


Is that dmg just after you used a potion (passive tree that gives u alot od dmg increase for 4 sec after using a potion)?

No mate, I haven’t put a single point on any damage related passives. Most requite 5-10 points for 100-300 damage incensement but when you can stack over 9000 it feel like a waste to put 10 points for 100% :slight_smile:

I will post a peak of requirement how to achieve these numbers shortly.

Like you I love melee - cant wait

Could you not share some of your build? Hitting 100 does take quite some time…

9526 % physical damage !!! :expressionless:

Yes, that’s the outcome, I want to see what goes into it…

I will post a video of the build, but meanwhile here is a preview of the Core skills.


oh, i want to see this!!
i am tired from devouring orb eating my fps in the arena

I’m interested in this build ! :heart_eyes:

What a tease…

Hey guys I just uploaded the video guide. Its my first even build and video so please don’t be harsh. Also I was very nervous the whole time and I start shuttering from time to time, sorry for that…


Great vid, man. It’s not edited and polished and all that stuff, but the content is nice. Thanks for sharing.

So I did not images this could work that way. So the increased physical damage comes from rive consuming the ignite stacks. I never imagined that it consumes all ignite stack of all enemies it hits and sums them up. But that’s how it works, I guess. So hitting 2 enemies with 4 stacks of ignite each with rive consumes 8 stacks?

I never used that nodes because I thought they aren’t that good. Always went for crit and 3rd strike damage.

Did you try to change the hit como from 1-2-3 to 1-2-1-2-3? This way you might stack some more ignite.

Thanks for the inspiration. Was looking for a nice melee Sentinel build.

Curious to see how your build looks when you are better geared and higher level.

Thanks tons! Yes execution node take the ignite of all enemies and summary them and add as increase physical damage :sunny: .

If two enemies have 20 stack each that is 40 stack in total and since we are hitting so fast we can proc manifest weapon (which also apply ignite) and we can apply tons of stacks of ignite.

So we just need some flat physical damage to get a good use of the %XXXXX increase physical damage we can stack and the numbers will go to the moon. Best part is the damage apply to Rive, Manifest Weapon, Counter Attack and Forge strike.

Sometimes my manifest weapon proc like 10-15 times… which is crazy.
I think since manifest weapon is a melee skill it can proc by itself. So if you use it once it can go few times…

Thanks for sharing!!!
Mine FG is lvl 85 and was trying to add more damage as my defense was already good.
Will check how some of these skills work and inform you all, fellow tanks.

Yeah. The skill synergies are nice.

Yes, because 4+4 = 8… :wink:

I have/had a Sentinel (probably Paladin) build that used Rive to consume ignite stacks to buff bleeds using the 1-2-1-2-3 node for more ignite stacks, but it felt a bit janky (& I probably got bored with it).

I haven’t yet tested 1-2-1-2-3 but I will definitely give it a try. As I said the build is still in progress and there is room for improvements. I will keep working on it and I will share the experience.