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Loot Filter Rules

In the Patch Preview thread we promised you a look at Loot Filter rules - so let’s take a look!

Rules in Last Epoch’s loot filters are based on one of a variety of conditions. In today’s post we will be looking at each of the conditions a rule can be based on. All loot is shown by default - rules in Last Epoch’s loot filters can be configured to either show, or hide, matching items.



Affixes are grouped into categories, each of which can be expanded but are collapsed by default. Each affix-based rule can be used to target one or more affixes.


Class Requirement

Rules can target equipment with class requirements. As with other rules in Last Epoch’s loot filters, these can be used to ether show or hide items matching the criteria.



Rules targeting items based on level requirements can be given either fixed levels, or can be offset by your character’s current level. As such, these rules tend to lend themelves towards inclusion in Loot Filters shared alongside leveling guides.



Rarity-based rules function exactly as you would expect - allowing you to ensure either that all items of a certain rarity are hidden, or that you never miss an item of that rarity.


Item Type

Rules focusing on item types can target either categories of items (e.g. two-handed weapons), types of weapons (e.g. two-handed axes), or base types (e.g. Cloven Axes).


That looks fantastic and easy to use! GREAT JOB!


time to set it up for t28 items only


This is great and I spent too much time eye balling the Item Type snapshot for any other Rogue leaks.
Pro-tip: There were none.


Some good stuff :slight_smile:



xDDDDDD that´s the way

Looks amazing!

Thats one way to never have to look at loot lol


Yessss!!! LOOOOT FILTA!!!

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One way to clear clutter :smile:


Looks incredible and the new penetration affix names are AWESOME! “Inevitable” is such a badass affix name.


Yassss, less reading and more playing.

This looks about as streamlined and friendly as a necessarily complex system can be.

I just hope some of our Community Testers are setting up a config they can share with us on launch day because it’s gunna be painful to set up from scratch :frowning:

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This will make Last Epoch a true competitor against the big boys! Nice work!

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Will it be possible to do “only show if an item has BOTH affix A and affix B” ?

Also, empty affix slots will be an option?

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How about adding an option to check for any items where the implicit roll is in the top 10% of its range, or similar?

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I hope this is the first Loot Filter version of many, because is missing font size, colors, alert sounds, mini map icons, beam colors.

The post is focusing on rule conditions, not how you highlight items. :smiley:

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Just to clarify, as in what items will drop? Or show special icon next to an item on the floor?

Nevermind, just read the initial post on loot filter. :X