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Last Epoch Is Now Down for Maintenance


We the supporters have paid the Blood price to play already, lets us in b4 steam plz

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So hyped for this guys, i will be buying the beta access as soon as the new supporter packs are out, Thank you so much for all the work and best of lucks later today!


Can’t waittt!!!


the Last Epoch beta launcher is initializing and a pop up occurs with the message “An unknown error has occured. Would you like to retry?”

Am I the only one who get this behavior? Is it the fact of the maintenance?

EDIT : Sound okay now. Don’t really know why. Have fun maties!


Was kicking myself this morning as the beta downloaded, as I was due to be travelling on business for the next three days. So it’d be three days before I could play again.

Then the fog-God meant my flight got cancelled :smiley: Bring on 5pm local time :smiley:


can I know the procedure to link to steam ?


Hi @sadx

That tool will be launched alongside our beta in a couple of hours.


thank you very much, long life to LE


Question, are we allowed to stream?


Streaming is fine. :slight_smile:


Buy it on steam and if you don’t like it and have played less than 2h, you can request refund. But you will like it haha


downloading the beta with the launcher nothing happens:D nl


me too!


Please be specific next time on the exact hour/date we’re allowed to stream :slight_smile:
Edit: Why is my account on hold?


Same. Been stuck for a long time.


I click on the launcher and all it does is send me to the log in page and when I go to log it it just sits at “Please Wait” is this normal for the moment?


I may be wrong but I don’t think the beta starts for another 20 minutes, that’s probably why it just says waiting.


Not available yet on steam


try watch a streamer when beta is launched, might help