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Last Epoch Is Now Down for Maintenance


Any updates as it’s been over 10 mins since the Time forecast?


“Last minute technical difficulties”


Just posted on Steam

"Hi everyone!

We’ve encountered some last minute technical problems we’re working through.

We’ll be posting an update 20 minutes from now."


Can you answer on my previous post ? My account was put on hold for some reason…


Thanks guys - Also anyone have a link for us Alpha’s to link our accounts to Steam?


I have been there for far too many botched PoE league starts to let this bother me :joy:


I don’t think we can do that until the Steam page for the game updates.

removed this banner . It will no longer appear at the top of every page. #48


There was supposed to be a post in announcements but there’s nothing(According to Patch Notes Link).


You need to be patient, the game is not yet available on Steam, Im sure it will be there and we can link accounts when this technical issue is fixed. We are all on the same boat.


Ok just asking :slight_smile:


"Due to the unforeseen technical issues we are experiencing, we are rescheduling our launch. The current ETA is four hours from now.

Very sorry about this!"

It´s ok guys!! We can wait!! Don’t worry!!! I´ll do other things in the meantime :slight_smile:


Yup, thems the breaks. Its unfortunate, but not unexpected. Good luck team still cant wait :slight_smile:


Who´s still around here? :smiley: I’m from Spain, so it´s 21:55 here right now. Still it´s ok.

If they are able to “open” at 22:30 (I hope Steam “opens” also…), I will be able to play some good hours and enjoy :slight_smile:


me, it’s okay: p



Im still here! Glad you still have your positive attitude, it will come soon! Im off to the gym and errands, with any luck we will be in within that time.


hahaha cool. Is it good that “satisfactory” game?. Maybe I try it some day.

Come on, just 30 more mins probably and we can play (well, after Steam releases game of course xD)


this does not speak about The Last Epoch (off topic, sorry)


if you like games like factorio, then this game is a marvel.
graphically, technically, gamedesign, sounddesign … i can not seem to find it wrong!

Sincerely, he deserves his growing reputation!

how to link your games with steam?



The moment steam releases I buy and download and install (I suppose all of that in 10 mins or so) :stuck_out_tongue: Let´s go!!


Oh yes, I did not actually see that you did not take the alpha.
I hope to link my games on steam, and download the update from steam.