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Crashing (same between patches)

Hello, the best way I can describe the crash is that it happens 100% of the time in combat. I am playing a Primalist and thought that the crash was because of the lightning skills that I am using, however, they persisted after the patch so I figured I’d drop the info here.

From the looks of the log it looks like some sort of memory leak, however, my ram usage stays pretty consistent when playing the game. The only thing that is consistent with the crashing is combat. I’ve sat at The End Of Time for quite a long time and not had a crash. Alternatively, I’ve also gone for 45 minutes or so without a crash in combat. Other times I will crash in about 5 minutes of play once combat starts.

I can’t be certain that it is combat, however, I’ve only crashed when fighting monsters - never when running out in the world.

Here it is in a zip: (339.1 KB)

The Game crashes randomly. Same porblem as it was in the last patch…
The answer lets hope that this game will be playable again with the new patch.

so… here is the latest report… still crashing: (1.4 MB)

Yarrrrrr. That sucks, let’s see what we can do to figure out what’s going on. I know this is going to sound like a weird one but could you try allocating a bigger page file size temporarily to see if that changes anything. Would it be possible to see if the timing of the crash if affected by the graphics quality setting?

Upped page file to 32gb. My graphics settings are set to:

Master Quality: Low
Display Mode: Exclusive Full Screen
Resolution: 1440
Brightness: Medium
Streamer Mode: Off (I’ve tried it on as well)
Vsync: Off (I use freesync)
Max FPS: 144
Limit Background FPS: Off
Background FPS: 60 (Off)
Shadow Quality: Low
Grass Density: Off
Reflections: Low
Ambient Occlusion: Low
Volumetric Lighting: Low
Screen Space Reflections: Low
Terrain Quality: Low

I’ve run the game on Ultra, Very low, and Low and have had the crashes. I haven’t messed too much with the individual settings, but I haven’t noticed much difference.

The crashes are happening everywhere but I am crashing pretty reliably within 5 minutes in the Necropolis of the Deep. I will try another area as soon as I am able.

Awesome, I didn’t think that pagefile would affect it but it is good info to have.

What are your main system specs? (CPU/RAM/GPU, also SSD or HDD)

Operating System: Windows 10 Pro 64-bit (10.0, Build 18363) (18362.19h1_release.190318-1202)
Language: English (Regional Setting: English)
System Manufacturer: Gigabyte Technology Co., Ltd.
System Model: X570 UD
BIOS: F11 (type: UEFI)
Processor: AMD Ryzen 5 3600 6-Core Processor (12 CPUs), ~3.6GHz
Memory: 32768MB RAM
Available OS Memory: 32716MB RAM
Page File: 7806MB used, 29773MB available

Card name: AMD Radeon RX 5700 XT

Windows is installed on an SSD, game has been installed on both that same SSD as well as an NVME M.2 drive. I also reinstalled it on the the M.2 drive after the patch just to be sure. Have restarted, had to for page file changes.

Here is the most recent crash (forgot to include in previous post). (299.7 KB)

ETA: Crash was after page file changes. I’ve since changed them back.

Thanks, just wanted to make sure your specs were good enough, you’re well above what would cause an issue there.

No problem, and thank you! If there’s anything I can test or change or do just lemme know and I’ll give it a shot.

Just wanted to add another little bit. Of the last three times I’ve crashed since paying attention to it, each crash has been caused when I summoned a unit. Either a totem or a tornado. The moment I hit Q to begin casting the totem summon spell, it crashed. The other two that I noticed it happen were with tornadoes, however, I spam those much more than lightning totem.

@Mike_Weicker I’ve noticed that a LOT of these crash reports are using some version of the AMD 5700 XT. I’ve had the same problems with the same card, so I switched it out for an RX 480 and I haven’t experienced crashes for about 3 hours now. Before that, I was getting to the point where it was about once every ten minutes. I’ll let you know if anything changes.

Thanks, that’s great info.

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I, too, would like to report crashing. I have a Sapphire Nitro+ Radeon 5700 xt. I haven’t been able to play for more than 20 minutes before I crash, often less than 20 minutes of play before a crash.

Cpu- Ryzen 5 3600
Motherboard- B450 Tomahawk max
Gpu- Saphhire Nitro+ Radeon 5700 xt
Ram- 16 GB of 3200 Gskill ram

Games installed on a wd black hard drive

I have no clue how to find any crash reports, so I apologize. I’ll try to find later.

Edit: patched to new version, crashed in 7 minutes of play.

Same here - same as last patch.
Same graphics-ca… same expensive piece of garbage.
Just look at this:

Many, many people are having issues with the 5700/XT. My wild guess is: jup, its the card :confused:

EDIT: typos

Just wanted to post an update. I know the patch didn’t address this today but I figured I’d give a crash log from the patch from today. (298.3 KB)

I have some free time after work to mess around with it so I decided to make a new character. I didn’t crash as fast but within about 15-20 minutes of playing I crashed.

For what it is worth, I don’t think I crashed at all until I hit the Ruins of Eterra in the 0.77 patch. And, after running through that area I had sparse crashes until I hit the Necropolis of the Deep.

With this crash I was playing a Sentinel using the whirlwind skill. However, unlike previous crashes, I was not in combat. This character, however, does have a pair of gloves that summons bees. (378.9 KB)

Just a quick update. I streamed for about 6 hours today on the RX 480 and no crashes. Whatever it is that’s happening seems to be linked to that GPU, at least in my case.

Found my error logs. Ill post error logs and player logs, not sure which one has better information. (sorry if only one error.log was necessary. I just posted the ones I had just in case)

Error Logs from the 26th to 27th:
error.log (61.1 KB)
error.log (53.9 KB)
error.log (55.6 KB)
error.log (53.8 KB) (150.8 KB)

I just wanted to give an update. I believe that the frequency of the crashing I am experiencing is directly related to the zone Necropolis of the Deep. While I still crash in other areas, I crash exceedingly fast in that zone. My experiences outside of the zone are greatly improved. I can play anywhere between 30-45 minutes before a crash. Inside of the zone it is, maybe, 8 minutes tops before a crash.

Just updated to the newest radeon driver 20.5.1
Crashed in 2 minutes
error.log (58.3 KB)
Player.log (3.2 MB)

Radeon Sapphire 5700 xt
Ryzen 5 3600
B450 max motherboard
16Gb 3200 Gskill Ram
Games installed on Western Digital Black 1 Tb drive
Windows 10 home on ssd
Most current Bios and drivers and windows updates

Were you crashing on older drivers too?