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Boy Meets Whirl: How to Spin and Win as a 2H Warpath Sentinel *275+ Arena, Endless Monolith*



Crafted a nice weapon for my Warpath kinght :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


I see you’ve changed the Warpath, and Lunge trees. :thinking:
Think I personally enjoy the 2nd lunge charge, but what is your reasoning? :smiley:


Squeaked out more DPS and better mana-regen while warpathing with the re-spec, by dropping a health leech, aoe, and 1 of the mana regen nodes and moving them to max out Unbound Storm.
The Lunge change reduced the base cost from 10 mana to 1 with a 2 second cooldown, allowing you to spam it constantly without ever running out of mana, it plays a lot smoother but if you prefer the 2nd charge that’s your prerogative.


Ah, ok thanks. Was just curious. :ok_hand:


Gameplay footage finally added!


I have been trying a warpath with woid knight and turn out pretty well, but y respect all my character to try your build. Seems promising and its a very well done guide. Now i need to loot all the gear again. At least I have a “decent” pole arm.


I have a question. What is better physical damage or melee physical damage? Is there a difference? Warpath scale with melee,physical and strenght.


Melee phys seems to scale better as it’s more scarce on gear so you have less of it so it’s valuable where you can put it. I think that +melee crit and %phys may be the best prefixes for sovnya polearms though but i keep bricking my test crafts :frowning:


Ok. I wait for your test :+1:


I ask a dev in discord about warpath tooltip that say:
Hits at twice your attack rate, but added damage applies at 40% effectiveness and there is a 50% reduced chance to apply ailments on hit

he answer:
“Hits at twice your attack rate” means that regardless of your attack speed you will hit twice as often as you would do with a basic melee attack, or something like vengeance.

“added damage applies at 40% effectiveness” means that if an item has +10 melee physical damage, it’ll only cause warpath to deal +4 melee physical damage.

“50% reduced chance to apply ailments on hit” means that if you have 30% chance to ignite on hit, warpath will only have a 15% chance to ignite on hit.

So i ask if it not optimal to go over 40% cause you will lose overall damage and he say:
That’s 40% effectiveness doesn’t relate to attack speed at all.

The “increased attack speed” stat will be just as useful as normal.

But it didnt tell me if it is usefull to go for more or try to focus 39% cause you will lose some kind of dps stas like: “means that if an item has +10 melee physical damage, it’ll only cause warpath to deal +4 melee physical damage”
So what you think,is it good to go for more than 40%?


if that’s true then attack speed would be the best affix but from my testing on sovnyas (so far, again i keep bricking them) i get the biggest damage increase from +melee crit and %phys or +phys – either way its very close between the 2 for my current setup. i need to hit a T5 %phys to see if it surpasses my +phys roll. but more attack speed = more hits = more bleeds, more ignites, more leech/survivabiltiy, more flame burst procs from holy aura, etc.
i need to get multiple of the same polearm base with the same stats to test prefixes i guess :slight_smile:


What about Strength, if I understand how it work it should boost the base DPS of the skill itself so if base DPS of WW is 40% and you add one point in Str it will give you 4% increase to the base, which equals to 41,6%


So you think that As could be the best dps stat for Warpath?
He say as example

that means when your weapon has 90 melee physical damage it will only deal 50 melee physical damage when you have more than 40%As

When i test it on the dummy on The Council Chambers it doesnt feel like that melee physical damage has so much inpact of our damage. I have 28% As,when i use my Holy Aura i have 47% and i dont see that i lose 40% of my damage


I think I’m going to go into the sentinel passives and max Unbreakable, instead of more ignite/bleed chance. Really lacking the Void/Nerotic/Poison Res, due to the fact I put elemental resistances on all gear, instead of a single resistance lol. Wish there was more vitality possibilities.
Other than that… level 70, and enjoying. :smiley:

Still haven’t found Titan’s heart. :angry: lol, soon TM, hopefully.

Using: 10 str, 10 vit, 138 void, 144 elemental protection armor atm.

Made it to wave 85, then got stuck on the outer edge of the arena and died. -_-
730 hp lol
Sometimes when I try to lunge, it doesn’t work, do you experience this at all? (yes not stunned)


Nice Build, smooth playstyle and good dmg!
Here are my Stats atm:
Melting Bosses fast!



Any luck with Titan’s Heart yet? I do have that issue when lunging sometimes, but I also have it with teleport on my mage and leap on my primalist and mostly in monolith maps not the arena.

Thank you! Glad you’re enjoying it. Looking stronk! :smiley:


Not yet no. :expressionless:
Think I prefer the chest I’m using right now anyways, and building around it. Prefer attack speed gloves as well, I feel like more damage is being done that way.(Yeah, the sheet dps says less though)I do have a pair of the 45% Melee damage gloves.

My plan is to drop all glancing blow, and stack vit instead, seeing as necrotic, and void seem to be the most dangerous. Other than the huge bears ice meteor, and this huge skeleton guy hit me with a melee attack or something, and one shot me… I was like. :thinking: lol

My life is quite low, but protection is seeming to be quite powerful. Made it to wave 100 comfortably, and stopped. (Had to work) My gear isn’t all that great/what I ideally want. Though they changed the unbreakable passive to regeneration, that one regeneration point helps more than regeneration on gear(I believe, thought it would be the same). Also the juicy 1 point of vitality. lol

Rebuke is fixed. :slight_smile:

Stats so far (Edited)

Some upgrades(some lost protection unfortunately fracturing an item)

I’m also dumping points into Iron Mastery(1 point right now). Procs a decent amount* while in arena.

Other than that sticking with your build 100%, and enjoying it. :smiley:

Edit: I prefer monolith over arena, better loot. :smiley:


I have to say that i dont like Titans Heart,cause you cant leach any heal(lifeleech rip) :disappointed_relieved:


Hi folks, I’ve made some adjustments to the build after more testing and feedback from others. Managed to increase the damage and survivability exponentially and capture some Arena video demonstrating so.

Thanks as always for looking!


Thanks for update, continuing to follow, I’ll give deep thought into respec, and give some things a whirl. ~.~
Knew that one point into Paladin was nearly useless, I never noticed it.