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Boy Meets Whirl: How to Spin and Win as a 2H Warpath Sentinel *275+ Arena, Endless Monolith*



I see quite a trend here with low HPs. My best suggestion for every melee build is to stack HP. You cannot advance with melee builds any higher than ~ 300 without proper HP. Even I got one shot with 93% glancing blow, very high armor and 2.1K HP at 250 with a melee hit.
Ideally all gear should have HP + if possible HP%.

Titan’s heart also isn’t worth it because rare HP% is up to 25% and added HP can go up to 125 + 2 extra affixes.


Appreciate the feedback, am definitely trying to stack glancing and health on all my available pieces now.

Currently sitting at 1672hp with very poorly optimized rings/neck/belt and getting high tier rolls on those and picking up 40 more hp on tree should help a bit.

will look into rare chests, didnt realize T5 roll was only 5% less for all those extra stats. What’s the best base?


Secutor is the best base but getting 3x T5 + that chest might not be the easiest. I settled with a 25 armor base.


New & Improved I see.
Looking good, still following. :slight_smile:


Still trying to min-max my gear out, and give arena another go. Reached wave 200, with not as optimal stats, just waiting for a few better rolls. Would like Glancing a bit higher, and necrotic res to be up around 35, and slightly some more elemental perhaps. Weapon is “ok”.

I threw Devouring Orb into the mix instead of Ring of Shields, and have been enjoying it’s playstyle, the amount of protection you receive from it, and damage is nice. :ok_hand:

With the Orb Active: No lunge, or holy aura proc.

Skill Tree:

Enjoying the build with orb a lot more, you utalize rebuke more often, and it’s more satisfying.


I just respeced my sentinel todayx and tried out your build. having fun so far.
the only thing ive changed: i went with just 4/6 unbound storm and specced 2 into Draining Assault.
That way i get a bit more dps out of it while still not losing mana. for the mana reg im going with rebuke anyway.

what are your thoughts on it?


Since warpath doesn’t snapshot, are patient doom and fresh from the forge really worth it? Or do they still apply to the whole channel.

Also, on Devouring Orb, what is the point of Distant Satellite?


For the Distant Satellite, it’s just a preference for me and my playstyle, I prefer the orbs being further, and activating sooner for the damage bonus. Lunge purposes, etc. Lunge surprisingly does a decent initial hit, so… Otherwise it’s not necessary. I typically don’t lunge across the screen, rare scenarios…

There’s nothing that is more beneficial that I can see to take. Could go with more area of effect I guess. “Abyssal Expanse”. Didn’t really play too much with it, been playing mage lately, and trying resolve performance issues. >_<


I’m still pretty new to the beta, so I’m wondering why you went with counter attack. Just wondering if the damage from counter attack and the crit bonus is better than the flat damage % from Relentless and Retaliation, or even Armor Clad or Fearless for survivability?


Started leveling my Spin-to-Win guy yesterday.

Head: Decayed Skull reduces void/necro damage by partially converting into physical, and we have lots of armor. Also boosts Void damage, combo with Dreamthorn.
Amulet: Bleeding Heart attack speed and leech
Weapon: Hammer of Lorent into Dreamthorn into The Last Laugh
Chest: Yrun’s Wisdom huge boosts to damage and life leech, when you need them.
Rings: Arboreal Circuit x2, for breezing through the campaign, then switched to The Invoker’s Scorching Grasp x2, for added damage (and incidentally ignites)
Belt: Vipertail into Isadora’s Tomb Binding (300 armor)
Gloves, Boots and Relic: couldn’t really find effective uniques/set items. Riverbend Grasp, Isadora’s Gravechill, Mourningfrost, Eterra’s Path, Soulfire all easily replaceable by found rares.

Update on gear: Switched to crafted helmet, gloves, belt and boots, all with double Glancing Blow affixes for 100% Glancing Blow. Crafted Relic with crit multi / crit chance, and protections.

I don’t like nodes that add damage every 3 seconds. with Warpath you’ll be hitting 3-4 times a second, so with say Sovnya that’s 9-12 hits of 95 base damage compared to a single hit that adds 8 damage per point. That’s 0.7-0.8% dps per point, not worth it really. and 30% increased averages to 3% per hit, also pitiful.
In Void knight I recommend taking life leech instead. In Forge Guard I put 5 points into str+att node, 3 points into armor when hit, then 9/10 chance to manifest shields (plus 2 prereq. nodes). I tested Bleed+Ignite node and was not satisfied with results. All other points go into life+stun, increased damage when hit, and crit nodes.

I’m dying mostly to necrotic damage. Trying to boost my effective hp, so among 15 points in Paladin took mostly life nodes.

Took Volatile Reversal as 5th skill, for attack speed boost, both void rifts, +30% damage taken by enemies, and Time Rot procs (I specced my Warpath into more damage to time-rotten enemies).

Currently level 71, 1100 hp, 100% glancing blow, died at wave 140+ in that huge necrotic aoe that a huge skeletal thing drops under its feet.

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