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Boy Meets Whirl: How to Spin and Win as a 2H Warpath Sentinel *275+ Arena, Endless Monolith*



Hello Traveler and welcome to my 2H Warpath Sentinel guide for Beta 0.7! Do you like nonstop crits and 1-2 shotting enemies? Endless life leech that allows you to stand in even the juiciest ground effects unharmed? Do you enjoy the complex and intricate play-style of holding down right-click for several minutes and periodically lunging to refresh your buffs and zoom around the map? If so you’ve come to the right place!

This guide is open to all feedback and constructive criticism is welcome. I will be doing constant edits to improve formatting, post updated skill/passive trees, other improvements, and more videos. That said let’s get into it!

Latest Passive/Skill Tree Update: Beta 0.7.0G May 17, 2019

Gameplay - Arena Waves 250-275


Arena waves 250-275 using the latest level 95 updated version of the build… featuring an Overheated Toaster PC at 3:30!


This build is focused on a strong but simple playstyle. I am sure we are all very familiar with the Cyclone Slayers and Whirlwind Barbarians of the genre…not particularly demanding mechanically or mentally, capable of most if not all content, FUN! and perfect for watching Netflix on the other monitor or unwinding after a long day at work.

For the build we will be stacking physical damage with attack speed and lots of crit and crit-multi. It makes use of the Paladin’s Holy aura for extra passive buffs and an on demand burst, and uses Lunge for mobility and more defensive buffs that can be refreshed by lunging into more mobs.

We have 2 active cooldowns - Ring of Shields and Holy Aura’s on-use-effect, you should be able to pop both of these fairly often while still DPSing with Warpath uninterrupted. They improve your survivability and defense immensely!

Occasionally during long waves you will run low on mana at which point you can pop Rebuke (sometimes in the middle of a pack of mobs) to quickly fill your mana bar back up, explode for massive AoE physical damage, get even more buffs, and resume spinning and winning baby! For an idea of the playstyle please refer to the video above :slight_smile:



We will be focusing on reducing the mana-drain and juicing the damage as up as high as possible while being able to maintain “infinite” spinning and actually slowly gaining mana back while doing so.
While leveling you may want to invest 1-2 points into the life leech node if you don’t have a good roll on your weapon. Once you have a good polearm with sufficient %melee leech you can drop the nodes for more mana-regen/cost-reduction to smooth out the playstyle

For lunge we will be stacking cooldown and mana-cost reduction along with short strength/armor/protection buffs, allowing us to cast it constantly for only 1 mana and zoom all over the place! While leveling first grab Landsknecht (requires 2H pole-arm) and then Unstoppable, then fill in as you please. For increased mobility in the Monolith make sure to be lunging to barrels and boxes constantly to gain ground!

We use rebuke primarily to regen our mana very quickly during battle on the rare occasion it’s needed, and when specced provides a 15% movement speed and +300 elemental protection buff after use. First thing we go for is 4/4 Battle Meditation, then 2/2 Bide then 3/3 Aegis.

Holy Aura:
We will path immediately to 5/5 Fanatacism then 4/4 True Strike and Extreme Zeal, afterwards fill in the rest as you please.

5th Skill spot:
Currently unused until they add a tree for Ring of shields [RS] or Ephmeral Stance [ES] at which point we can figure out what will synergize best with the build.

In the hotbar slot we are using RS which gives a solid 3x150hp minions that soak ranged attacks, taunt, and scale in HP with your strength (+10hp per 1 point of strength). Once we have an actual tree hopefully we can increase their duration, provide additional damage or defense while theyre active, or lower the mana cost and cooldown to maintain near 100% uptime for another nice defensive layer.


Passive Tree:
After getting the initial 20 points into Sentinel we spec 10 points into Paladin next to get Holy Aura before starting on the Forge Guard tree to hit those juicy crit nodes near the top, then finishing off the extra 4 points in Sentinel and starting on Void Knight. Current tree as of level 95:

Note that there is a visual bug and there are actually 24 points placed in this passive tree!

Forge Guard:

Void Knight:
I never started into this tree until I finished getting the crit nodes at the top of the FG tree. I will be putting the final 5 points from leveling 95-100 into 10/10 Abyssal Endurance for the HP/protection and extra crit-multi



The only Unique piece of gear you may want to use is Titan Heart for the massive %Health boost until you’re able to craft a nice rare chest with 3xT5 or better at which point the additional protection and stats edge out Titan’s Heart. The build no longer uses Fighting Chance gloves as we were giving up too much defensive stats for the minor increase in damage over a pair with attack speed.

For your 2H weapon you want a Sovnya pole-arm at end-game, and whatever you can come across leveling. Due to the extra base crit a pole-arm offers nothing comes close to matching the damage. Our Lunge skill setup will also not work without one. Try to find one with at least 9% critical strike to craft on!

As with most builds in this game, in order to optimize you will need to craft most of your own gear for the best affixes but especially your weapon in order to maximize damage output, which in turn increases your life leech rate, and effectively increases your survivability too. As for defensive stats they are pretty self explanatory as in every other ARPG. We will be stacking HP, resistances aka protection, and armor.


I will give a quick affix priority list for each piece of gear and the best base for our build to craft on. Pics to be added once I have gear worthy of being shown.

This is the area most open for debate as we have no concrete stat-weight values and everything I’ve done so far has been through testing on the dummy and other feedback

Chest: Secutor
Glancing Blow > Strength > %Health > +Health

Weapon: Sovnya with 9% or higher Crit
Melee crit > +Physical Damage > Attack Speed > %Physical Damage > Crit-multi > %Melee Damage Leeched as Health > Protection

Helm: Gladiator
Glancing Blow > Strength > %Health > +Health > Protection

Amulet: Jade or Silver
Attack Speed > Crit-multi > Physical Damage > Critical Strike > Strength > +Health > Protection

Rings: Gold
Critical Strike > Glancing Blow > Protection > +Health

Gloves: Lagonian
Attack Speed > Glancing Blow > Strength > %Health > +Health > Protection

Belt: Bronze
Glancing Blow > %Health > Protection > +Health

Boots: Heoborean
Glancing Blow > Strength > Movement Speed > +Health > Protection

Relic: Radiant Crest
Crit-Multi > %Physical Damage > Critical Strike > +Health > Protection

As beta continues towards release and all kinds of tweaks and adjustments to balance and other systems are made I will do my best to update the guide to reflect the changes.

Thank you very much for taking the time to come check out the thread, I hope some people are able to put it to use and spark some discussion about possible changes and improvements to be made.

If you’re interested in a Meteor Sorcerer build check out my other guide here!

May all your lewtz be fat,


This looks juicy. I’ll have to give it a try. Thanks for contributing this build!


Great thread title!

Shared it with the team and a few of us got a laugh out of it. :slight_smile:


I don’t think the rebuke buffs persist after the channeling ends. I posted this in the bug report section. Meaning, the nodes: solemn vow, brave the elements, polish armor, speed bubble do nothing at the moment, until patched. Please correct me if i am doing something wrong…


Thanks, I was doing something similar, but fully into Paladin.
I will try this out, yea unfortunatley there isn’t room right now for the 5th skill until one of the stances become available IMO.


you’re correct and as a bug this is something that should hopefully corrected very soon. in the meantime the primary use of the skill in this build is to regenerate mana from 0-100 in roughly 4 seconds which only happens rarely when having to pop RS and HA multiple times on a fairly difficult wave. i’m also planning to drop 1 health regen node (useless with Titan Heart equipped) and test out options with shred or more defensives.

good luck! let us know how it works out! i am hoping we get to see or have the RS tree before too long and that it has some nice increased duration or cooldown reduction nodes along with some protection buffs.


Also, very nice work on the guide!
Yeah I’m re-rolling my level 75 Sentinel from scratch & fun, since it’s too expensive to reallocate my skills haha. >_<


I’m currently leveling this char right now and it is a blast so far. Thank you for taking the time to write out this guide. Looking forward to see how this build tackles the endgame!


Gold is a big bottleneck on fixing your build until you get to the monolith and start farming arena then it’s smooth sailing! Let us know how the changes work out. I’ll be posting an updated Paladin passive tree soon now that I’ve got another 10+ points into it.

Thank you for the kind words! RNG Bless.


True, but the build I previously had wasn’t very playable for me, I had about 200k Gold, probably could have respec, but eh. Kind of want to run through the story again, and semi pay attention this time lol.

Edit: The Rebuke tree has changed in the latest patch. o.o


New tree posted shortly, sadly the gap between duration and cooldown has been widened a bit and more points need to be put into cooldown reduction. once/if you hit a higher tier CDR on your helmet you may be able to drop a point to move to ele protection or buff duration but otherwise this is a slight nerf for how we use the skill… but at least the movement and defensive buffs from finishing a channel work now.

With the changes these buffs now appear to be working!


My next point will be going into mystic aegis.
Also the after channeling buffs seemed to be working last night after patch, but not this morning. Perhaps a reset of the client would fix, didn’t test again. ~.~


Yes you are correct. Not working on mine either.
Edit: working now after resetting client


How to avoid AoE damage in this build? I try arena first time on lvl 45 with this build and die in wave 2, because one shotted by Death Screech from Chimera. This mob instanly use this skill, i even don’t have time to react. Of cource i have resists and with all buffs have 60% resist to all elements + 90% armor resist. I don’t know why i die so quickly.


Death Screech has a windup animation, the mob will hold his head down for a few sec before doing the screech. You can avoid it by just walking away or using lunge.


Death Screech is the rippiest monster skill I’ve come across with this build, bar-none. Thankfully as Neocronic noted you can see by the animations when he is about to cast it and get out of the way. I’m still trying to figure out if it’s necrotic or void damage or a combo of both.


Sometimes he start casting this withous any animations, also when mob have twins, second mob cast this skill always after first mob cast, result - you can’t melee attack this mobs. Also some void enemies with huge aoe, like cultists, can stack aoe zones in one place, if i just move thought one this aoe i die instanly.
I playing before as Mage with 4000 ward, this aoe take almost all ward, i think 3000 in 2 seconds. Sentinel even with all hp gear can’t reach this numbers. One hit from this aoe - one shot.


Not being able to see your gear or watch you in the arena I can’t diagnose your specific issues but I can tell you that with decent resists/gear/damage I am able to stand in this ability and survive while warpathing, since the damage isn’t a 1 shot you’re able to outleech it if there is mob density and/or you pop your HA/RS cooldowns.
What’s your char sheet dps (fairly accurate for a phys only build)? How much leech do you have? HP? What’s your void/necrotic protection?
Currently I have 1226hp and have been testing survivability setups. With RoS and Holy Aura active I can stand in a whole DS and live although I haven’t tried it in high level arena yet as it’s a surefire way to end a potentially decent run fast.

Appreciate the feedback.


Lvl 60, Base dps 1100, 60% attack speed and 65% crit chance with 250% crit multi, hp almost 700, i drop titan heart today finally. For resists i don’t know mechanics, but when i 50- lvl i have almost all 60% now i barely have 20% with all buffs. I think when you lvl up your hero you lose part of all resists. I have 600 all resists, what number needs to lvl 100 char for atleast 50% mitigation?
Also still can’t craft defensive gear. Most bases just useless or i break my gear in crafting. My weapon right now have only 70 base dps + 7% crit chance, i craft t5 increase physical dps here + 9% melee crit chance + 17% life leech.
My max wave in arena still 50-60, most times i die in massive aoe spam instanly.


I’ve updated the passive and skill trees to optimize for more damage and smoothness which should hopefully help you and anyone who may been struggling.
I feel your pain with the crafting as I have had absolutely zero luck crafting anything beyond the T3 range for my weapon/rings/boots but RNG is RNG and eventually the crafts will come.
Having just done several 100-120 runs in the last 2 hours I was able to facetank the DS and the big void RF ability around wave 50 with both cooldowns popped. Piloted by someone better than me and with higher tier rolls on weapon etc I think the build is more than capable of 250+.
The best bases for us are 2H polearm, gold rings, silver or jade amulet, radiant crest relic, and lagonian gauntlets.
HP seems pretty low, once that’s over 1k and you’ve got some more damage passives your survivability should be fine. Good luck!