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Beta Trailer & Release Date Announcement


I can’t wait to play more Last Epoch, I hope to feel the same good vibes with this beta that I did with the previous Alpha.

I’m proud of you guys <3




Great progress Devs! looks great. bought in when Blizzcon failed and game is great


This is awesome news!


Jeeeeeeesus, this month is going by slowly…


Can’t wait!


I congratulate to the beta. A big step. I’m looking forward to it when it starts.
I would think about the following. Grim Dawn is also a great success because it has been translated into several languages. Since the alpha. Look at the strange beta of the game Wolcen. Because of the translations, the game is even streamed on Twitch. In countries such as France; Russia; Japan and Germany are many crazy about a game like Last Epoch. I am convinced that translations would increase the success enormously. Maybe Last Epoch fans would help with translations?


Thank you for the kind words, @Schattenkneifer!

We’ll be looking into various translation options after the game is officially launched in 2020.




I startet playing Alpha on Saturday when i heared of beta but read and watch since last year.
I really like the Skill and Item-upgrade-system and already love my Necro (lvl 74)

I m looking foreward to Beta.
Great Job so far!


hey, I have purchased the right one,50$ support package, ,but I can not download the game,please check it。


U should get an email with a link for download.


sorry ,I didn’t receive the mail,


I can’t see any hints to download, I can’t see any download button


I m also new here, can only tell how it was with me.
Maybe try here if this help you:

When you click on your Profile there is a Download Link for the Launcher
–> My Account -->Dashboard


Hi there,

I’ve responded in your thread about this now. Apologies for the delay!


Question: If I want to buy the game, but I like Skullen more than Turtles, do I have to hold off buying until April 30th? Or can I buy now, and also get one of the beta pets when those come out?


The current packs do not include the Skullen. Beta will be available for the same price ($35), but the extras included will be different depending on if you buy a pack now or at Beta launch.


thank U


So new beta packs will not be available until beta launch right?