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Beta Trailer & Release Date Announcement


The two will be released at approximately the same time, yes. :slight_smile:


Will there be any reset when online comes? Before release.


There will be wipes both at the start of beta and at release.

Though it’s worth noting that offline characters will never be brought online.


Hey got a question about beta, thinking of getting supporter pack but don’t know which one to go (Steam or Kickstarter variant), so back to my question (hopefully I’m not repeating someone else question):

  1. I really like Skullen pet so I’m really going toward the Steam version but on the image in this post I see different versions of it so does that mean there will be different tiers of the supporter pack on steam if so does the price range will be similar as it’s now for supporter packs on the website?

  2. Cosmetic points will be available on the steam beta pack as well or it’s exclusive for website packs

Just trying to figure out which pack will give me more stuff I like just don’t want to wait for steam version to later regret not getting the supporter pack from the website.

On another note - I really looking forward t this game, story, lore and mechanics as its trigger my interest


Hi there @SaiZaro!

So let me try to clarify a few things;

  • The KickStarter series of supporter packs are no longer available. We made a commitment at the time that these would be exclusive, and our KickStarter campaign was a year ago.
  • When we launch our beta we’ll be replacing all our current packs with a new series. There will indeed be different tiers available - though probably not quite as many. We’re still weighing up various options when it comes to the best way of doing this on Steam.
  • Cosmetic Points will be in our next series of supporter packs, regardless of whether you buy them. We want people to make their purchases wherever they would prefer to do so, thus we won’t be changing the contents of packs for different stores.

Thank you for your interest in Last Epoch! We’re super excited about our upcoming beta. :smiley:


I cant wait to play this game at the end of the month. I LOVED Diablo2 but super hard in hell for non Sorc or spending days playing. Im casual but hope this game is a bit faster pace than Diablo grind. Cant wait for Beta!!!


I’m super-pumped for the growth of this game! Congrats on hitting this significant milestone!


Looks so fun! Can’t wait to play with friends. Is MP expected to be implemented anytime soon?


Do we know the exact time beta will roll out?


Yes, we want to know :sunglasses:


And with +/- CMT :smiley:


World will not fall if you start even 3 days after begin… :stuck_out_tongue:


yes i would know too at which time it ll begin ^^


Do you need to buy support packages to enter the test, or just register an account on the official website?


Oh it will :slight_smile:


Yes, Beta access is included in the Ancient Gladiator pack, or in the new $35 pack when the next series is released.


Oh, so weak world… :wink:


Is there a specific time when the beta will go live tomorrow? I am unable to finde a concrete time


Is it only available on steam or will the alpha launcher update to the beta?


The beta will not be Steam-exclusive; the alpha client will be updated tomorrow.