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Beta Trailer & Release Date Announcement




Yeah!!! I’m ready !!


Beta hype^^ nice!


Yay beta nearly here :smiley:
Oooh Druid has Spriggan form? Well I know what my first Beta hero going to be.


I’m ready for this! Let’s go :smiley:


Wait. There are Alpha supporter pack tiers available as well as upcoming Beta packs that are different from the Kickstarter packs?


Alpha packs are currently available and will be retired when beta starts. That’s when beta packs would kick in.


Guess I’d better dust off the wallet. Thanks. Done :slight_smile:


Awesome! A developer that sticks to a schedule. Maybe some folks can learn from your example. :slight_smile: Great work!


Nice. I will certainly play it up on Steam.


Hyped for beta! :exploding_head:


So when should we expect patch notes? :grin:


Awesome news!! Cant wait!!


This is amasing news guys!! Keep up the great work eleventh hour games! Can’t wait to get amongst the beta with my fellow time travellers!


So psyched for the release on Steam. Hoping to get to play more lately I have been limited to my phone games with schooling my son which is fine just kind of boring at times. Summer is right around the corner though and that means game time is to. Really love all the work you guys have put into the game. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Great news… although I’ll be late to the beta since I’m on vacation until May. :smiley:
Have a great beta launch!
I’ll check it out as soon as I can.


Hope you enjoy your vacation @Mikrotherion!


I sure will. Thanks @Sarno.
Southern France - very nice region. It’s ages since I’ve been there.


Awesome news, can’t wait for the game! Also a massive +1 for Linux support!
Just for clarification: Does the Elder support pack from Kickstarter give Beta-Access?


It does indeed!

We currently don’t have the pack’s contents listed anywhere on our website, however they can still be found on our KickStarter campaign page. When we’re releasing the next series of packs I’ll look into the possibility of some form of archive page.