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Beta 0.7 Patch Notes


I wish i could play on Beta :disappointed_relieved::sob:
But good job devs!!! :grinning::sunglasses:


So much new stuff to try out, Yeaa-haaa :cowboy_hat_face:


I’m so excited for the beta launch! Read whole patch notes, there are so many new exciting stuff to explore and so much fixed/updated/improved features, love the notes, keep up the good work!


A huge thank you for posting your formulas for mechanics. It has always been one of my passions in this genre, the mathematic aspect of it.

The patch looks promising, I cannot wait to install it and play for hundreds of hours.


Omg! Omg! thank you can´t wait


@GeoGalvanic It not a contradiction as there’s likely other methods a monster with dodge can have beside the ‘heals after damage taken’ affix and these will be effected by the doubled delay after dodging.


Ok, thanks guys. I will wait then.

Any idea more or less how much GB will be the download?. Just to know, I have 600 MB symmetric fiber :stuck_out_tongue:


Woo! Cant wait to log on tonight :smiley:


Well the install folder here is 32.5GB after beta patch 0.7 been installed. Though DL be a fair bit less as that don’t account for file compression.


Ok nice. In less than 10 mins I will be playing then :smiley:

16:03 here in Spain. Just 1h57mins left… :smiley:


Thanks to everyone at EHG! And to my fellow travelers: Have fun!


Waiting for game to be available on Steam… lalala…


are you playing already???


I`ve been waiting for 22 hours and still no release yet … I payed 35Euros to wait … well i guess i will play it tomorrow.


It only went live 3.5 hours ago…chill out man.


Unexpected things happen… It’s a small team and they are trying their best.


So the steam Beta and Packs are still unavailable for today, maybe tomorrow ?


No, was just downloading, was out drinking with a couple of friends, but back now, half-drunk just to realize I have to download the whole client again because I don’t have enough disc space to continue. I have 30 GB free, the whole LE folder is 28 GB’s, so don’t know why it says not enough disc space, but whatever. Hope you guys are already playing. I will download it again on another partition.


Redownloaded game waiting to launch now :slight_smile:


I’m gonna wait tomorrow since on steam there is nothing about any pack, just the game so, strange.