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Beta 0.7 Patch Notes


great, eager to play through steam.


Poggers good job !


Awesome! Can’t wait to get started!


Can’t wait!!! I wish I didn’t have to work TMW! Grrrrr!


Thanks to everyone in EHG I look forward to it very much :heart_eyes_cat:




Can’t wait!


Keep up the great work guys! Can’t wait for tomorrow morning!


Great news!!. When exactly are we going to be able to buy the game on steam?. As right now, it’s not possible. Or do we have to wait till 18:00 PM to be able to buy it and download?. Thanks


It will be out at 12pm US Eastern time. Not sure what time that is in your area but they stated that you won’t be able to pre-download the game. If you already bought access via the le site then they will have a way for you to link your steam account to your le account tomorrow. So you will have to wait to download the game when it is released tomorrow @ 12pm Eastern.


Should I interpret this as stormbreaker now has 6 affixes? Including:

  • |affix3=50% increased Lightning Damage
  • |affix4=+150 lightning protection
    or are those two affixes now gone and replaced by the new ones?


Cannot wait for 22.5 hrs more. So how?


It has 5 affixes, the Increased Lightning Damage was removed but not noted by mistake. It still grants +150 lightning protection.


Yeah that’s 18:00 PM here in Spain.

But I want to buy the game on steam. I’m not able to?. Or will it be possible from 18:00 PM onwards?.

Any idea?


You will have to wait until they make the game available to download or 1800pm your time. This of course isn’t coming from an official source and i’m just speculating given the fact that they said you won’t be able to pre-dl the game.


My understanding is that when the beta drops it will be for sale on Steam.


As the others have said, the game will be purchasable through Steam once beta launches.


Amazing:) TAKE MY MONEY!

One thing that worries me though…did you guys fix the bug on the ward trail unique belt I had mentioned? ;;

Didn’t see it in the notes. Its kind of a big one:P


Can’t wait to try the Paladin!


Nice nice nice :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:! Cant wait to play :+1: