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Beta 0.7.0b Patch Notes


Our first patch to Beta is live! To update on Standalone, close the game and run the Launcher. For Steam, you may have to close Steam (by right clicking on the taskbar and selecting “exit steam”) before the update is visible.


  • Approximately doubled arena scaling speed. The goal is that you will die, rather than just log out.


  • Bone Golem
    • Bone Growth node grants +7 health per point (up from 5) and requires 3 points in Amalgam of Mages (up from 2)
    • Amalgam of Rogues now grants melee attack speed and movement speed per point, but only 7% of each (from 8% melee attack speed) and has a max of 5 points (up from 4).
    • Twinned Golems’ health modifier is now 35% less (from 45% less) and it requires 4 points in Amalgam of Rogues.
    • Unnatural Speed now grants 4% increased movement speed per point (from from 10%) and also grants 4% increased movement speed to all nearby minions. Has a max of 4 points (down from 5).
  • Storm Totem
    • Now has 50% added damage effectiveness (down from 100%)
    • The flat damage node now grants +4 damage per point.
    • The flat crit node now grants +3% per point (down from 8%)


  • Soul Spear now deals 17% less damage and the ai uses it at ranges of 4 to 9 metres, rather than 0 to 8 metres.
  • The following enemy types can no longer spawn with the "Summoning" monster mod
    • Immortal Eye
    • Oculus Mortis
    • Soul Cage
    • Soul Carrier
    • Soul Prison
    • Avialine Chimera


  • Improved Meteor, Lightning Blast, and Glacier’s vortex visuals.
  • Added a casting effect for enemies using Soul Spear so it is easier to anticipate
  • Improved visuals for Flame Remnants, Frost Wyrms and Headless Acolytes
  • Improved the visuals of the enemy Soul Arrow ability

Bug Fixes

  • Potentially fixed crashing issues when loading zones by adding mipmaps to newer enemies. Mipmaps allow the game to use less memory (at the cost of quality) if memory is running low, so the fact that these were missing may have been causing crashes when memory ran out.
  • Fixed the game attempting to login via Steam from the Standalone client if the steam client was open in the background.
  • Fixed “A Study in Time” being impossible to complete.
  • Added failsafes to the Admiral Harton encounter to prevent the questline from stopping.
  • Likely fixed a bug with the Sane Cultist.
  • Fixed many effects with the “Elemental” tag not working, such as “increased elemental damage” and “chance to ignite with elemental skills”. Effects tagged Fire, Lightning and/or Cold were not affected.
  • Fixed multiple Storm Totem nodes not working
  • Fixed item tooltips continuing past the edge of the screen (which has been a long-time bug).
  • Fixed a bug with the Wolf Howl vfx.
  • Fixed some zone transitions automatically being used when you were close enough.
  • Fixed the world map opening to the wrong tab in End of Time and Echo of a World.
  • Likely fixed a bug where the character model could go invisible after transforming back to human form.
  • Fixed the trails behind Void enemies occasionally having a very large performance impact.
  • Fixed incorrect login errors being shown.

The Mal'Elkan Catacombs crash
Cant play past this point this happens everytime im in this zone
Frequent Game Crash
Crashing on entering "the majasan desert"
Constant crash at the same location in The Waystation Complex
Final Quest/Area Bug
The Mak'elkan Catacombs sometimes has a 5-10 minute loading screen for me
Always crash in the same place in the same place in The Waystation Complex
A Study in time - missing quest item
Bug? Quest- A study in time
Bug? Quest- A study in time
Stuck On Quest
Veteran player - The clickable quest completion is missing - Study In Time
The admiral's dreadnought (can't take ship)
Stuck on quest "A Study in Time"
Sane cultist not talking
Unable to accept quest from NPC



Great thanks for the quest fix!


Very nice work team!


Thanks !


Thanks :grinning:


THX a lot


β very fun :smiley_cat:




Some sweet stuff in there, but ouch Storm Totem. That’s going to hurt.


Siick! Thanks for the hard work


More stuff coming down the pipe too. We just really wanted to get some of these fixes out asap.


Great work!


Nice Job EHG! Keep up the diligence and hard work!




Unable to load into game after update.

Edit: Run as Admin. fixed it.


Loving it!
Also thank you for the Soul Spear Nerf, that thing was brutal!






after last patch my storm totem have very long delay when he starts doing damage, and my update to blizzard totem, makes it cast not around totem, but at range ! ;/