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Beta 0.7.0b Patch Notes


Really nice to see a patch 2 days after the release , even though nothing new was added, fixing bugs deserves an upvote :slight_smile:


The goal is that you will die…



Great guys, thanks for your effort!!. Let´s go!!! :smiley:


Thank you!




Nicu ! :slight_smile:


Thanks for the fast update!

Task: A STUDY IN TIME can't be continued


Looks like draalsting values have been changed:

50% less melee attack speed -> 12% less melee attack speed
Global poison chance removed and added to melee poison chance

can confirm?


@GeoGalvanic I believe both of those changes were made intentionally last year.




Wow you’re fast guys ! Thank you very much :smiley: (:slight_smile:


IS this fixed? I still can’t complete it. Or do I need to run something to specifically patch my game?

edit nevermind, I need to manually run launcher to update patches lol didn’t realise


storm totem is fucked. it legeit take like 3 sec before start casting


@Hackaloken Cosmetics fix anytime soon? I still can’t use my pets even tho I should have access to them.