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World Bosses

So i know we are still a ways off from muitiplayer, but first things first. Will MP be the same as games like diablo 3 and POE where outside of your current party towns are the only place to see other travelers or can we expect (hoping) more of an open world server like Diablo 4 Demo showed us where you can run into people anywhere and this leads into what i really wanted to suggest.

World Bosses! - Can we please have bosses that require at least a full party or even more if we can open world map. Perhaps these bosses can even tie in with the newly introduced time rifts and a party (or more) can enter the same time rift clear it and spawn the boss at the end. Tying this into item hunting would be that each time rift spawns its own unique boss based on the era its located and each rift has its own specific drops that cant be found elsewhere :))


I love world bosses and an mmo-ish setup and raids. But unfortunately the sense I’m getting is that the devs are building a server architecture more akin to D3 and POE than D4 in nature.

And thats ok its still going to be possible. I just hope they add “Party bosses” then and make them almost impossible to solo. Actually promote partying. In POE/D3 No content requires a party.

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And I’m 99% sure this will be true for LE as well. “Forced” party play is something niche and most people like it when they are able to play the game like they want to and by themself. LE is a ARPG with coop and i never saw a ARPG with group only content without a MMO tag on it as well.


There is alot of other content for solo play. Would just be nice to have 1 thing that you know if you go do theres people looking for parties to do it as well. Not “Forced”/“Required” to progress in the game, but an option with a healthy reward at the end for those that want to do it.

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So devs already alot of vague talk About multiplayer/Party Content etc. (everything is of Course relatively vague due to the fact that it might Change etc.)

Here is a post specifically refering to bosses only doable in parties:

IF you are interested in more infos you can read through the whole thread, there are alot of suggestions and responses from devs regarding all sorts of multiplayer questions

Party play can be a double edged sword. Its nice to be able to party with friends and get rewarded for it but when party play becomes way more profitable than solo play - we have a problem. I know PoE is not that good in this regard, the richest people, the ones who achieve level 100 first or the deepest mine level, are almost always part of a guild which helps them out. Thing is all content can be beaten by a solo guy. This is how I want LE to be.


I prefer games that are solo-centered. Also, balancing a multiplayer game property is a Herculean task and may sink many a good developer.

Its not as bad as you think. Multiplayer PvP games like Counter Strike need to be 100% balanced, a multiplayer game which focuses on PvE doesn’t have to. As long as multiplayer doesn’t give huge advantages to the people who party up all the time it is fine.

I would love this but I am a former avid mmo player too. I hope there is both . 99% of the game will be soloable. Why not have party bosses if you choose to play that way .

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