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(Working)Mage: Flame Ward/Desperate Defense, Does Not Work

Hello, while Theory Crafting a remake of a mage ward build I made, I decide to use the Flame Ward, Desperate Defense but learn that it does not work. Desperate Defense: Percent of missing health is granted as ward. When I added a point in to it, and ran around to have my character get hit, saw that there was no % of life lost applied as ward. Node is suppose to be part of the build I’m working on, and would love to be able to use it. If anything is needed from my part let me know :slight_smile: Thanks!

Missing health refers to how much your health is below your maximum when Flame Ward is active, it isn’t supposed to grant you ward passively.

If you had one point in Desperate Defense, 500 max health, and activated Flame Ward at 400 health, you’d gain an additional 12 ward.

Thanks for reply! I recorded after i posted, which i should of done before. Yes is working :slight_smile: I’m using the Exsanguinous chest armor and felt like it was not working. Current set up with out chest i get 850 ward, with Exsanguinous i get 886 at activation, 36 more ward for being low life with just 1 point in node.

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