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Whole stash and character is gone

Hi, my main character, entire stash and all shards disappeared about 1 hour ago
My PC crashed while playing, when I logged back in I had nothing…

Any help?

I started a new character so if you restore a backup or something you will replace my new stuff, please dont!

Hi Dingus_Khan, welcome to the forums. I’m sorry you lost all your stuff. There is a rare bug that can cause this to happen. We’ve got some changes coming next patch that should stabilize it more. It can happen if the game crashes right as a save is being made.

I probably can’t help restore it unfortunately. It should have attempted an auto repair when this happens.

The saves are stored locally on your own machine, we don’t keep saves on our server at the moment. When the game goes multiplayer, we will store saves on our servers.

This bug is not rare, iv lost 2 chars in about 4-5 days, today is another char lost. I was playing yesterday and Today I must start from 0 on HC :stuck_out_tongue: Maybe autosave on PC pushed by game can resolve that problem or autosave on new location.

I’m having the same problem character gone with stash, other times just character but stash still there, but few hours of work is not to much fun losing it. Would be not a problem if it had a true offline mode why still in beta type.

Oh come on, I have lost another char, Iv played today at 10 AM and now im logged in and have no char -.- This is not funny … COmputer was shutted down till these time… Im always back to city after completing playing so game should be saved. There must be some reason of that disappearing.

@Lomkey @Kenobi1994 Very sorry about this! If you (or anyone else reading this) loses a character, please upload both of your log files. They get reset when you restart the game (with the previous session being copied to Player-prev). Uploading your Saves folder from the same location would also help, in addition to any details about what was happening at the time the game stopped (in town, game crashed, PC lost power, etc).

As Mike mentioned, we have systems that should prevent any issues here, and I haven’t heard of this being a widespread issue. A log file will hopefully point us in the right direction.

Iv got file in game folder with “Unexpected mark stack overflow” Maybe this is a reason of disappearing chars ? FIle Name : “Last Epoch.gc”
FIle “bmslog” is empty…
Maybe You can check status of my char name “Dragonborn” this was my last char.

In registry - “1CHARACTERSLOT_BETA_0_h1863372203” - invalid DWORD 32bit Value

I provided a link to where the log files are located in my last post-- they’re in AppData, not the place that you installed the game. You should be able to just attach them here, or add them to a .zip if they’re too big.

Pretty much I am on Linux side of things. I will try to check.Player.log (25.9 KB) I had this too Player-prev.log (23.8 KB)