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Where Are You From?




I live in Kiel, that’s up north in Germany. Hello to all of you! :slightly_smiling_face:


Victoria, British Columbia, Canada


I’m from Berlin Germany


Looks like I am the only speaker of spanish in this community. hahaha Nice!


I am living in Germany as well :slight_smile:


Hey y’all! Born and raised on the sunshine coast, queensland, Australia.

Now living in the middle of nowhere, Northern Territory, Australia.


Hey all , joined today . Born and still in the UK .
Desperate to get on and play but work and kids first . Fingers crossed in game Friday night for a session !


First native from Portugal reporting. Saudações lusitanas!


Italy here!


Germany, NRW!


The central coast of California. Little college town called San Luis Obispo. Cheers to the world of gamers with good taste:)


's-Hertogenbosch, The Netherlands here!


Texas USA


i’m from germany. moved to hamburg just recently


Sweden :sweden:


New York.


Yorkshire Born, Lincolnshire Living
That’s UK for those not in the know :slight_smile:


Born and living in China


me too