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Where Are You From?


This is purely to sate my curiosity. I love seeing how far spread across the world the communities I get involved in are.

I’ll go first - I’m Australian born and currently living, but will be moving to Sweden in a few short months.


Born and living in Germany.


Born and living in Italy



Land of LEGO and bacon :smiley:


Somewhere near the Great Lakes in 'Murica! Hello and Welcome all!



Born & Living in the land of the Merlion~ Singapore~ :smiley:



Scottish flag


Born and living in Germany.


South Germany born and raised :wink:


My username makes it pretty obvious :slight_smile:


Born, raised, living and working in Germany.

Currently in a city next to the Rhine near Mainz.


The game has a lot of German fans!


I’m from the Northern part of the UK :smiley:


Wow! A huge following from Europe! That’s awesome. :smiley:


Another Aussie here.


Born in and currently living in Toronto, Canada


California… about 15 minutes from Blizzard headquarters.


Ohio, close to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame


Canadian here! Ontario to be specific!