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Where Are You From?

born in germany, living in austria

Biraz geç bir cevap ama artık yalnız değilsin. :slight_smile:

Born and living in Turkey :tr:



Denmark :)!

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Born and living in Belgium :grinning:

Currently hailing from Ravnica

NYC born and raised


  • Hello, I come from China, xiantao city, hubei province.
  • I like diablo games very mu.
    The city has been closed for many days. We unblocked it today!The virus is effectively contained!It has been nearly two months since the city was closed. Everyone can come out for a breath of fresh air!
    Our city has just been unsealed, the virus is terrible, but we have a good control here, not a single case of the virus, thanks to the government control very timely, to avoid large-scale spread!In less than two months, we have controlled the spread of the virus. Today, we can finally set off firecrackers and celebrate the whole country!
    May you also avoid the virus!I hope you can overcome the virus as soon as possible!