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What is your hardware and what fps do you get?

FPS: 90
CPU: i7 6700K
GPU: GTX 1080

Monitor: 1440p 144hz gsync
Settings: Medium preset

You also need to include the resolution (there’s a fair bit of a difference betwene 1080, 1440 & 4k) and your settings.

I’ve got a 2070 super & 3800X and can get anywhere from 70 fps in town (on max settings) to (low) single digit FPS with lots of stuff happening (50-70 mins, shield throw on massive packs, etc with minimum settings) .

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FPS: 30-40 standing in town.
CPU: Semi-dead rodent of some sort.
GPU: Huh… that might be why I lag. These important?

New pc parts coming, just waiting on them!

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IMO, the CPU is very important, since (at the moment, pre-multiplayer) all of the calculations are done on your pc, which will be one of the reasons why the game lags so hard with lots of minions & lots of AoE effects proccing (eg, shield throw with eruption & Future Strikes).

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I7- 8700, 1660 TI, 16 GB DDR 4 2666 mhz, samsung evo ssd 1 tb, i play on 43 inch tv, 1080p resolution, ultra low settings cause i dont want lagging when screen is full of monsters, 90+ fps always when cruising through maps.

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CPU: i7 8700K 5GHz all-cores sync
RAM: 32 GB DDR4 3600MHz cl-15
GPU: RTX 2070 gaming X
Games Storage: Samsung EVO 860 3x 500GB
OS: Win 10 64-bit PRO

Im playing on very low, 1080p, for stable FPS on 75Hz g-sync, but sometimes it drops to ~35.

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CPU: i5-7500 3.4ghz (max temp: 44c)
GPU: GTX 1060 3GB (max temp: 75c)
TEMP: 22c ambient.
RES: 1080p, High textures, very low all other settings. Usually run vsync on to prevent screen tear as my monitor is only 60hz. (off for this test)
MSI Afterburner recording D3D11

Average Echo of a World: 118 fps
Lowest experienced during gameplay : 18 fps (massive AoE lots of mobs - cant really see character so much is happening but no minions so it could be worse.)
Highest experienced during normal map: 132 fps (moving through map, minimal mobs)

Average: 75 fps.

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