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What if we could set notes for characters?

Just something to distinguish them better other than their name, as you might have multiple different copies of the same class to use different masteries. It’d let you figure out which character is which at a glance on the character select screen. Also means you’d be able to choose whatever name you want without choosing a name specifically for the build it’s using, like a lot of people do.

Might have to make room for it with the character name and level and stuff, but I think it would be very handy. A popup on hover could work, but I feel it should be visible without hovering over each character, even if it’s just one or two words.

Here’s a (terrible) mockup.

I love the idea! I keep a spreadsheet named “chars” for almost every rpg I play with their name/class/build information for this exact reason, as I don’t want to name my characters TempestStrikeTotem or whatever.

Same, but I’ve kinda resorted to doing it anyway. I do it in Path of Exile, but it’s not really so much of an issue there since I do it for leagues and the characters are separated or temporary. But here, I either call my Shaman “Dirigibeast” or I forget what build it is. And there’s only so many build pun names I can make.

Then you need to up your game. I’ve had so many cough Cast on Crit Jugg characters in PoE…

Ive asked for this many months ago lol

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Yeah, but that was, like pre-lockdown, that makes it on a par with the Epic of Gilgamesh in terms of age…

Next you’ll be asking people to google whether there’s things like MP/Rogue/Runemaster/etc in the game yet. Be reasonable mate!

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