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What game's are you playing in the meantime?

Most of the time i play POE,but since i didnt really like this league im playing Pagan online now.

Other then that i switch games when im bored,

Diablo 2 lod,hammerdin and javazon are my favorites.

Diablo 3 mostly barb and witch doctor.

Pagan online Anya and Hector

Also tryed Grim dawn the forgotten gods but i cant seem to find a character that im enjoying…

These are the games im enjoying while waiting for news and updates for Last Epoch.

Let me hear your games ,and why u play them or what character etc…or we should try out.

Comon guy’s let me hear you :slightly_smiling_face: im curious what other people like to play or suggest to try out :+1:

I am in a really big empty space regarding Isometric ARPG’s atm.

Generally this is my favorite genre of all time, but i don’t have any games in this genre that i really play alot at the Moment.

Most other games i do play at the moment are different genres, like Remnant: From Ashes and World of Tanks.

Maybe you should give this game a bit more chance, character progress and development can take a decent playtime to really evolve and flesh out, but at teh end this game is as complex and diverse as Path Of Exile.

I can’t belive that there is nothing you like, Maybe you just havn’t found the correct combinations.

Havn’t played Grim Dawn recently, mainly because i dont have people i can play coop with atm.
Hit me up if you wanna give it another shot and maybe i can help you finding you perfect character/build :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: (I have alto of exp and gametime in Grim Dawn).

Would play alot more Grim Dawn togehter with some People.

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thanks for ur response. love to hear this kind of stuff :slight_smile: i will give grim dawn for sure another chance when im down with pagan online,nearly at end game so i wanna see how that is.

if i come back to Gd i will surely Pm you,since i also dont got any friends on it & its kinda boring playing solo :confused:

Is your question referring to gaming in general, or ARPGs specifically?

For ARPGs, I also play Diablo 3 and Path of Exile. I’ve got the Wolcen beta but haven’t tried it out yet, and I recently grabbed both Grim Dawn expansions during the Steam Halloween sale and have been looking over build ideas there.

For non-ARPGs, I play a bit of a variety including games like World of Warcraft, Terraria, Minecraft, Forager, Factorio, and Stardew Valley. I think I play almost every genre outside of FPS/Battle Royale/MOBA/Military.

In between ARPG releases is a good time for me to work on other projects. I am trying, and failing to write my first book. :frowning:

To answer your question, very little gaming for me at the moment.

For me it’s mostly playing PoE, I just love the depth and endless build possibilities it provides.

In between the leagues or during the end of the leagues I will mostly be looking at other games/new releases. I played a fair share of Grim Dawn and Diablo 3, but didn’t get hooked like I did with PoE.

Other than ARPG’s I will just browse new releases and play whatever catches my interest.
Lately I have enjoyed The Outer Worlds a lot.

I have been playing PoE for the last half of Legion and most of Blight. I really enjoy it and want to have something to fall back to so I do not get burnt out so here I am. Will be getting Grim Dawn and possibly Diablo next.

I do really dig the arpg genre, and have found a number of other games that are enjoyable, especially for short bursts.
POE is my main, and every once in a while D3 and D2 for fun. Spent a couple of months playing Grim Dawn. I loved it, but got distracted by Titan Quest. Got as far as the big big boss guy there, and spent 45 minutes kiting him and still didn’t beat him, so I stopped. Victor Vran is good, Van Helsing is a lot of fun, Fate, Tochlight 1 and Torchlight 2 are great (esp. TL 2, with Essentials mod). Chronicon and Hero Siege are pixel graphic arpgs (hero siege has become this, it used to be much different) and I’ve spent many hours on each of them. They can be a lot of fun, and I look forward to when Chronicon is out of early access. Pagan Online is good. I got Wolcen but haven’t played yet. Nox is spectacular. Quest Hunter is good, I enjoy Cat Quest. Vikings, Wolves of Midgard is decent but it’s difficulty spiked around the first big boss (in a cave) and I beat him, but stopped shortly afterwards. A cool one-man indy 3d iso is DeadSiege, it’s got lots of potential. Since this is a Last Epoch forum, I just wanna say that I started playing it yesterday and love it so far. I’m having a lot of fun with it, and hope the devs keep doing what they are doing. It’s a great game with lots of potential. Hope you try out some of the other ones I mentioned, as I love this style of game and have had a lot of fun with them all.

Sanctum Breach is soon available on Steam and so far the alpha works pretty well with a very dedicated Dev who is almost always available for feedback. So far the game can be only found on Discord but this will change in the near future.

Path of Exile is my second job :stuck_out_tongue:

Been getting into Grim Dawn again waiting for Path of Exile’s new league

Also been playing Wolcen and am just about to get back into Kenshi after a long absence from it

Grim Dawn, Mordhau

Someone gifted me Borderlands 3 with the words “You can’t resist now anymore sucker!”… darn he was right after 2 weeks I gave in :sob:. Now my PC is Epic infested but after all BL3 is fun besides the story line ^^.

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