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What game's are you playing in the meantime?

Most of the time i play POE,but since i didnt really like this league im playing Pagan online now.

Other then that i switch games when im bored,

Diablo 2 lod,hammerdin and javazon are my favorites.

Diablo 3 mostly barb and witch doctor.

Pagan online Anya and Hector

Also tryed Grim dawn the forgotten gods but i cant seem to find a character that im enjoying…

These are the games im enjoying while waiting for news and updates for Last Epoch.

Let me hear your games ,and why u play them or what character etc…or we should try out.

Comon guy’s let me hear you :slightly_smiling_face: im curious what other people like to play or suggest to try out :+1:

I am in a really big empty space regarding Isometric ARPG’s atm.

Generally this is my favorite genre of all time, but i don’t have any games in this genre that i really play alot at the Moment.

Most other games i do play at the moment are different genres, like Remnant: From Ashes and World of Tanks.

Maybe you should give this game a bit more chance, character progress and development can take a decent playtime to really evolve and flesh out, but at teh end this game is as complex and diverse as Path Of Exile.

I can’t belive that there is nothing you like, Maybe you just havn’t found the correct combinations.

Havn’t played Grim Dawn recently, mainly because i dont have people i can play coop with atm.
Hit me up if you wanna give it another shot and maybe i can help you finding you perfect character/build :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: (I have alto of exp and gametime in Grim Dawn).

Would play alot more Grim Dawn togehter with some People.

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thanks for ur response. love to hear this kind of stuff :slight_smile: i will give grim dawn for sure another chance when im down with pagan online,nearly at end game so i wanna see how that is.

if i come back to Gd i will surely Pm you,since i also dont got any friends on it & its kinda boring playing solo :confused:

Is your question referring to gaming in general, or ARPGs specifically?

For ARPGs, I also play Diablo 3 and Path of Exile. I’ve got the Wolcen beta but haven’t tried it out yet, and I recently grabbed both Grim Dawn expansions during the Steam Halloween sale and have been looking over build ideas there.

For non-ARPGs, I play a bit of a variety including games like World of Warcraft, Terraria, Minecraft, Forager, Factorio, and Stardew Valley. I think I play almost every genre outside of FPS/Battle Royale/MOBA/Military.

In between ARPG releases is a good time for me to work on other projects. I am trying, and failing to write my first book. :frowning:

To answer your question, very little gaming for me at the moment.

For me it’s mostly playing PoE, I just love the depth and endless build possibilities it provides.

In between the leagues or during the end of the leagues I will mostly be looking at other games/new releases. I played a fair share of Grim Dawn and Diablo 3, but didn’t get hooked like I did with PoE.

Other than ARPG’s I will just browse new releases and play whatever catches my interest.
Lately I have enjoyed The Outer Worlds a lot.

I have been playing PoE for the last half of Legion and most of Blight. I really enjoy it and want to have something to fall back to so I do not get burnt out so here I am. Will be getting Grim Dawn and possibly Diablo next.