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What are elemental skills?

This item says “… on hit with elemental skills”. Generally an element would be earth, fire, wind, water, (and milla jovovic) - so I’d expect this attribute to apply to skills like that. I don’t think that’s accurate though as this game has necrotic and poison, and elemental resistance doesn’t seem to apply to everything. So how I can use the game’s UI to confirm which skills this attribute will apply to?


Fire. Cold. Lightning.

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So will it apply to all these?


Works for Fury Leap once specced into Lagon’s Wrath
Works for Swipe once specced into Umjol’s Guidance (not working with Storm Claw only)
Works for Ice Thorns
Works for Tempest Strike
Works for Maelstrom once specced into Tsunami (because of base DoT dmg)
Works for Tornado once specced into Charged Storm (because of base DoT dmg)
Works for Earthquake once specced into Storm Rift or Cataclysm
Works for Avalanche

Doesn’t work for Summon Wolf / Sabertooth / Scorpion / Summon Thorn Totems / Storm Totem even with elemental conversions. So all Minion tag Skills doesn’t work.
Just tested them all.


basicaly look beside the skills there are icons for what damage type it does (:fire: for fire :facepunch:for physical :snowflake: for cold and so on) also you can hoover over a skill and press alt to see what affects it and how. if for exemple you take forge strike at the bottom you can see in blue “physical, fire, melee, minion, strength, attunement.” meaning elemental damage would work since there is fire in the tags

hope it helped ^^

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