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Werebear & Primalist skill overlap

It would be nice if there were a bit more “overlap” between the Werebear skills & other Primalist/Druid skills. This could either be in the form of the Werebear skills using other skills specialisation tree (like Swipe & Werebear Swipe) or being able to use your the other skills while transformed. Otherwise, you only “need” 2 skills specialised (Werebear & Swipe) & you can only use another ~2 (Ice Thorns if you’ve spec’d into the cast on hit nodes & Thorn Totem/Avalanche/Maelstrom if you have some idols that proc on hit).

IMO, I think the Werebear skill Charge should use the Fury Leap skill tree if that has been specialised into.

If you wanted to go really nuts, you could even allow the player to “socket” a different skill into the Werebear skill tree in place of one of the others & be able to use that. For example, you “socket” Serpent Strike into the Werebear tree in place of Ravage & any node that affects Ravage affects Serpent Strike, plus you can use Serpent Strike in place of Ravage.

This could have some issues with previously un-usable combos, such as the mana regen from Entangling Roots, but it would also allow the player to use other skills or summons.

Sounds interesting.