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Wengari Patriarch always run away (D

If I have Monolith’s wave with Wengari Patriarchs
They are always run away to buff other enemies
And I run all map to find them

So what’s your point exactly?:thinking: I would guess you want the Wengari Patriarch to stay in place and not run?

While it can be really annoying to hunt them, I find it to be a more refreshing enemy mechanic. Every game needs some super annoying enemies that are a pain to kill. I’d also suggest we could use some more enemy mechanics like this. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Yes. You’re right
Run all map from end to begining and try found NPC w/o mark on minimap is so borring

Perhaps EHG could add a mechanic that the patriarch moves slower the less life he has left.

Some times it appear 2 Wengari
It need make marker for minimap on this enemy

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