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Warrior Class seems weak

Since the changes to monster scaling i have noticed that the warrior class in general just seems weak if you are going with physical.

My original character was a warpath void knight. I managed to find some idols that let me get armor shreading , but it did not seem to do much against the monsters i was fighting.
The damage output went from great , to mediocre.
I am hoping that the voidknight recieves an overhaul to feel less clunky overall.

Void rift - is an interesting way to manage mana , but it doesnt feel fluid as sometimes i go back to 4seconds ago (took the +2 second trait) and other times i go back to a point where i have less mana then i ever did during the current encounter.

I tried to use some other skills, but overall they felt slow and clunky with no real increase in dps output. The monsters at higher levels are just too tanky.

over the next while i tried some other classes to get a sense of what the game is offering.
I noticed that the mage class had several ways to get alot of free ward health and more importantly had access to penetration skills. I managed to get to end game with this character and for the most part had a much easier time. The only exception to this were the larger boss type enemies - especially the one with the lightning slam . The slam aoe radius seems off , and has sniped me through 50% res 100% glancing and 1000 ehp.
He is often joined by the buffer , who annoyingly runs off far too often.

I still wasn’t using the mastery skills , or skills that would root you in place - as the game seems to punish staying in place heavily at the moment. I decided i wanted to try another melee class and see how it felt.

I went on to try a forge knight , and try to use its mastery skill. The idea was to get high armor and make use of the urzi unique armor and passive mana regen from the shield skill of sentinel.
The playstyle felt awful compared to the mage, and i stopped playing early.
I then created a necromancer, and unbelivably , the lich seems much stronger then any of the warrior based classes.

soo i return to my topic, that the warrior class seems weak for a few main reasons.

  1. cost of skills are way too high.
  2. they have no way to penetrate end game mob defenses
  3. there trees are not as cohesive compared to the other classes.
  4. lack of mana control.

I hope that warriors receive a complete overhaul to be more in line with the changes.


I agree with the mana cost, but thats the same for every class. One of my main issues with the scaling is that mana cost in general seems too high for most skills. It literally kills build ideas as you are pretty much forced to get mana efficient talents in almost every skill to make it useable. We need better options for mana gain outside the skill tree itself. The crafting options for mana are lacking and are taking valuable gear slots with little to no effect. And for most part you have nada options for mana gain on your talent trees as well.

Lich/Druid are strong, mainly because the transformation is insane. Werebear especially is such a no brainer, it gives you a massive boost and can get an uptime of like 95% super easily, just pick the mana nodes and swipe refunds mana on crit and you are fine. Its comedical easy to play a “good” druid, its super tanky as well, just pick armor and protection nodes and spec into aspect of boar and you are fine until wave 200.

Lich transformation is much much harder to uphold than druids, but its also super powerful.

Just go outside the box, my warpath paladin uses more death knight skills then paladin. I use Orb and Volatile for the mana regen aps move speed and temporal blight cast. Holy aura is the only one I use. The defense in orb is so insane it’s awesome. I use shields from forge guard and bam. Void orb is a little annoying not being instant cast, but it casts so fast and the shields last longer so you can cast it while shielded and be fine, at least at wave 80 in the arena. Mana is 0 problems.

PS my name here is the same as on the leaderboards.

I got bored so dropped arena as the test was to see any weaknesses. I’m at 50% resistances before buffs sitting in town. I spin and bam, 70-80% and im not optimized, my gear is weak still as the pieces only started to drop, im 73. 20 in sent, 42 pali, 5 forge, 20 void. All my points are going void atm.

I finished my first round of arenas with my 4 archtype classes last night and I cant put my finger on why Sentinal seems weak to me. It is by far my lowest wave at 145. My sorcerer, shaman and lich all made it to 200+ with only my shaman feeling as though he was having a tougher time at around wave 150 due to defense issues. For my hammerdin pally, damage done seems to scale to much lower than I expected when I go into arenas. Especially compared to the other classes when they go in. My damage outside monolith/arena is comparable to my other characters but my hammer arena damage goes down so low it doesnt seem right. Maybe the mobs armor scales much more than other protections. I dont know.

I could live with low damage but even my defenses feel squishy on him. My first run on my pally this patch I died at wave 44. I cant remember the last time i died so early. And this is after understanding the new arenas and scaling. My pally was my 3rd class to run so I should have had an easier time. On my second pally run, I felt like I was in danger at like wave 75 or so. Something is just off. The mobs are shredding my defenses and I have to kite much earlier than I had before. If I make a small mistake I am dead in less than a second on my paladin. In previous patches my paladin had the most room for error while running arenas.

TLDR: Damage taken in arenas crushes me and my scaled damage done seems lower compared to my other classes and the damage they do.

so i just reached about wave 150 with my voidknight, pure melee

what i can say is that even with 65-70% in reduction and 100% glacing blows at around wave 140 i feel like i sometimes have 0 defences, i know that some monsters are just overtuned (rime golem) for example, i feel like for a pure melee class it should be easier to actually stay alive, my spellblade has far less defences but he can stack up to 4-5k ward when its get dangerous and has about 2k ward as a regular healthpool with a range attack (fire reave) my sentinel which is pure melee simply cannot compete in either EHP or damage

I still think Ward is far to strong and that’s an issue atm. Sentinel was op for a long time and is now pretty much in line. Sure there are some dmg spike you’ve no idea where they come from or why you got oneshot there. Overall I think it’s just balancing issues you’ll always have in alpha/beta stages of a game. There is to much to do to get everything in line but still… the Sentinel is not the issue it simply isn’t outperforming every other class now but is outperformed now by other classes that are seemingly more OP.

I leveled up a new warrior after getting a reply here about mixing classes. I went with the paladin as suggested since they have a useful mastery skill that doesnt require a huge amount of mana to use.
I still went with warpath and using volatile reversal for mana fixes - though this skill in itself does not seem to count time correctly and carries with it the risk of flying back into a pool of aoe dots that instantly kill you.

Overall the build was better then straight void knight , but did not feel amazing. I managed to get to wave 100+ but the lack of damage was really being felt. After a while defenses felt meaningless with everything hitting for 300-400 dmg.

The warrior classes just need better sustaining options. Where other classes have access to ward and good damage nodes, the warrior does not get enough life per node investment.

I really hope they drastically lower warriors skill cost and give them a bit more life to sustain in the late game scaling. It would be nice to use the other two mastery skills - but there simply is not enough to support the low damage and high mana cost of the skills.

Secondly , after 15 points investment of the void knight or forge knight - the upper 3/4th of the tree feel extremely weak compared to the paladin.

i’d have to disagree, i’ve got a 77 paladin and a 74 void knight.
Both have incredible survivability and really good damage output - the void knight seems to be a better dps output than paladin but the pally is still able to clear easily.

I focus more on monolith than arena and just cleared the latest monolith on the void knight (monolith 35) with no issues at all, the top of the tree has some really solid passive choices but i think it just needs some thinking through the build to really pull the synergy out of the passive tree.

Ring of shields is a great choice for a lot of builds, it offers great sustain.

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