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Warpath discussion

After my Warpath tree has nod Warbringer, Warpath is still movement skill.
Then the echo in the Void Knight tree still not working. I am very upset.

I suspect that you wouldn’t be able to echo warpath even with the warbringer node as it’s a channelled skill, though the description on echoes doesn’t make that clear probably due to the only other channel skill is Forge Guard exclusive.

Echoes do not work with movement abilities…Warpath is tagged as a movement ability and it does say that in the description when it mentions echoes.

Yeah, but it’s not entirely unreasonable to think that taking the node that makes Warpath not move would get rid of the movement tag.

ohhhhh that node…to be honest it SHOULD remove the movement tag…yeah that’s a good one to bring up

Yeah, if Warbringer can remove movement tag, then Warpath will be very powerful with echos. :rofl:

But how would you echo a channelled skill? How long would it echo for?

IMO, the text for echoes should be updated to include that you can’t echo channelled skills either (along with movement skills). @Sarno

Warpath is a very unique channeling skill. It has hits, it can crit. So it could be made possible that the hits echo. Because it has double attack speed the chance to apply ailments is halfed. Same could be done with echoes.

Currently it’s more of a technical issue than a balance issue.

Trasochi on discord:
can warpath echo with this, now that it’s not a movement skill?

  • It cannot, and this is for technical reasons similar to those preventing actual movement skills from being echoable.

Yeah, that what I assumed.

Being pedantic though (I heard that groan!), what makes it a unique channeling skill is its movement (and probably the attack speed/ailment chance multiplier). Elemental Nova and Lightning Blast, when channelled, both hit.

I’ve checked, and assuming isn’t missing any tags, Smelter’s Wrath, Avalanche and Focus all hit and channel. Drain Life and Disintegrate are the only channelling skills that have the dot tag as well and therefore can’t hit.