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Wandering spirits does not trigger the attack speed boost of dark rituals

I have 5 points in dark rituals, but casting wandering spirits doesn’t give me any extra attack speed. Casting an actual minion like summon skeleton does trigger it, so the problem seems to lie with spirits.

This affects both the actual attack speed and the character information tab.

Wandering Spirits was changed from a minion skill to a spell in the last patch, therefore it no longer triggers the dark rituals buff. It’s not a bug.


In that case the tooltip is wrong, as it clearly states “using wandering spirits counts as using a minion skill”

Yeah, that’ll be a bug with the tooltip, since in 0.7.6 they explicitly removed the minion tag & added the spell tag.

We’ve fixed the tooltip for 0.7.7. As Llama8 mentioned, we changed Wandering Spirits to no longer be a minion skill but the tooltip was not updated. Sorry for the confusion!

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