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Volatile Reversal mana bug

The skill basically skips to a random mana-state, no matter when or how you use it. Can go from 100 to 0, although you had full mana 4 seconds ago or the other way around…just pretty much unusable atm.
Considering that mana is a pretty big deal in this game and that there are not many ways to regain it, makes this skill obsolete in the current state, needs rework big time.
Should be really fun when working properly, seems to give your character quite some possibilities.

Keep up the good work!

On another note “Harbringer of Dust” doesn’t seem to be working aswell. As I understand it, “take increased damage” is a seperate multiplier and should be a huge damage buff. Since I am using two void rifts (“Incipient Void Rift” and “Terminal Void Rift”) damage should go up by 60% with three points in HoD. However, the damage numbers don’t go up at all after the mobs get hit by both rifts (testet this quite a lot). Maybe it’s just a visual thing and the actual damage is calculated properly and it’s just not displayed in the floating numbers, dunno…

afaiu it only matters if the enemy was hit by a rift recently. so is a non-stacking debuff.

The rifts not stacking makes sense, thanks for clarifying that. However, it should still be a 30% buff then, which should pump up the damage numbers distinctly.
My char deals around 300 damage per hit with Warpath atm. When “Abyssal Warpath” kicks in, the number go up to around 700. So far, so good (and correct). Now I use VR and the mobs get hit by one of the rifts…and there’s absolutely no difference. 30% of 700 is 210, so the numbers should go up to roughly 900, but they don’t.
Maybe my assumption, that “enemys take increased damage” is treated the same way as in Path of Exile, is incorrect. Maybe “take increased damage” and “deal increased damage” are the same multiplier and in that case, 30% are just to small of a buff to be noticed. Can anybody confirm or refute that?

I was not looking at the numbers, but rather at the speed with which HP of rare mobs were depleted due to my DPS. And my impression is that after VR hit there’s a noticeable increase in speed, which I believed to be about 30%. But now I realize that it may all have been due to attack speed buff kicking in.

“Take increased damage” should be distinct from “deal increased damage”. Otherwise it’s a bug.

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