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Volatile Reversal bugged nodes Harbinger of Dust and Time Rifts

I noticed enemies felt like they started taking less damage after casting Volatile Reversal so I did some testing. Turns out that while you have any points in ‘Time Rifts’ which should increase DoT damage taken by the enemy it actually REMOVES all DoT effects from them. Here’s a video of this in action:

Additionally, after removing the points in Time Rifts I still noticed that enemies would immediately take a large amount LESS damage from my DoTs after casting VR. After removing the points in Harbinger of Dust this behavior is no longer present.

Both of these nodes appear to not be working as intended.

I have the similar node in the Abyssal Echoes skill tree ‘Temporal Reaving’, which also does not appear to be behaving as expected and shows a similar behavior as Harbinger of Dust.

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