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Voice Acting in Patch 0.7.2

The update we’re releasing on Friday, Patch 0.7.2, includes the first voice acting lines to be implemented in Last Epoch! We know that some of you are excited to hear what the characters of Eterra sound like, so we’ve collected a few teasers to share with you.


Playable Characters






Non-Playable Characters ("NPCs")



Elder Erza

Elder Gaspar



Haruspex Orian


the VO is well done. better than some recent cRPG i played.


Nice! I love them! Cant wait to hear them in game!


Still we have no closure for Minimus, as his story becomes even more heart-wrenching with voice acting.

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I was worried about how they would end up, but they are all really good imo.

The dog should follow us to town, then end up going with us to the end of time. Would be pretty neat.

Nicely done ! Voice acting is made by all the EHG people or you hired new people to do that ?

Hehehe. Good question.

Good work overall, but I feel like the Primalist (and maybe Haruspex Orian) from these examples have much worse audio quality than the other ones

I am the master of the undead. Remember this rotten face. Whenever you see undead, you’ll see this rotten face. I make the undead work. They do whatever I tell them to do. No one rules the undead like me. I am the undead commander!

We generally won’t be doing VA ourselves - though there may be the occasional cameo.

We’ve seen (and been discussing) some criticism of the Primalist VA.

Could I ask you to elaborate on Haruspex Orian? I’m curious whether it’s the voice artist, the effects used to make him sound less human, or something else that you dislike.


Top quality! Especially love the primalist’s VO

Love them - I have no idea what on earth Dolus says though. Minimus, run your steel butt mutt? I can’t tell if the Voice Actor is trying way too hard, or if he’s heavily edited.

It’s possible that’s just his accent - I find it very clear, personally.

“Minimus! Run, ye stupid mutt. Leave me…”

First time I ran arround with my Primalist things have been fine but the frequncey is to much much for me and I looked for option to make my toon stfu.

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