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Very impressed!

I had played the game in the demoversion and in the very first beta version and came back to it a few days ago. I leveld through the story with a bleedpets Beastmaster, did a few monolith runs and had a lot of fun. (lvl 59 atm.) The pace with wich you guys push out content is amazing and the new areas and zones look quite appealing already. (some fps drops once in a while, but that’s to be expected).

Difficulty felt spot-on for the most part, except for one or two poe-esque “oopsie, what happened” moments. (Icedudes might be a little overtuned).

Honestly my only big complaint atm is, that Glancing Blows feels to mandatory compared to other options in the prefix slot. But rumor has it, that a nerf for this mechanic is already in the pipeline, so i guess i don’t have to elaborate.

From a marketing perspective i recommend to flesh out the visual appearance of the game a bit more (Personally i don’t care, but good looks sell.)

I’m definitely going to play this game a lot in February, when i’ll have more time at my disposal.

Keep up the good work!

Edit says: btw does the Beastmaster’s “Deep Wounds” passive buff pet bleeds too,or only player-inflicted bleeds?
-> plz flesh out the new tooltips, thx :stuck_out_tongue: .



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I havent logged in to check, but most likely unless it says you and your minions, or you and your companions have… then its only for you and not your pets. @111tweedledee111

@boardman21 Thx! I figured, it would most likely be like that and didn’t specc it.

will any graphics nodes upgrade? at least after the release?

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