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Vendor search/filter stops working if you go into/out of a monolith/arena

I’ve noticed that if you type something into the search/filter bar at a vendor then change zones vis-a-vis monolith/arena then the vendor filter stops working.

I’ve attempted to reproduce this issue, but found the search bar worked fine if I cleared the current search and typed a new one. If searching stopped working for you entirely, I’d appreciate you uploading your log file if it happens. again.

Yes, if you do anything to the search it’s fine, but IMO if there’s something typed in the search bar and it’s greying items out then that should be the case even if you change area. I don’t see why changing area means that the text you had in the search bar is ignored until you change it. If that’s clear…

In my experience the bug only happens when the shop rotates out its items. The search isn’t automatically refreshed when the shop re-opens. It probably makes sense to just clear the search bar when the window closes, like is done with the skills window.

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