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Using a cold skill is there a diff between spell dmg and cold dmg?

I figure they do the same thing but just asking.

As long as the skill you want to benefit from it is considered a spell, it makes no difference.

Except for Spell Damage being available on fewer slots, there is not difference in numeric values.

For gearing purposes the other difference that could make cold damage more desireable is, if you incorporate Frostbite into your build, since Spell Dmg would not affect Ailment dmg.

I thought there just has to be some form of cold dmg to proc frostbite.

  • Nope, ailments are totally separate from hits of their elemental damage.
  • Spell & Cold damage affixes give the same numerical bonuses per tier.
  • % Spell damage only affects spells (not melee/throwing/etc but it does affect all damage elements fire/cold/etc), % cold only affects cold damage (not fire/etc but it will affect all methods of doing cold damage spell/melee/throwing/etc)
  • Spell/melee/throwing is how you do damage. fire/void/etc is what the damage is, you can scale both independantly (like and X & Y axis on a graph).

i mean if you have chance on hit to frostbite with the second comment

Yeah, you can proc Frostbite with fire damage as long as you have % chance to proc frostbite.

where do you get that affix from?

And certain skills.