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Upcoming Improvements to Minion Commands

Hi Travelers!

We’ve been working on some improvements to commanding minions, and our next patch will replace the functionality of this keybind with the following priority system;

  • If there is an enemy at or near that location, minions will engage the enemy.
  • If there are no enemies but there is a breakable object, minions will destroy it.
  • If there is neither an enemy nor a breakable object, minions will move to that position.

As a side note, while working on this we both optimized the relevant code to be more performant, and also fixed a bug which could cause minions to attack the wrong enemy when issued a command. These improvements will be included in the same update.

*Smash*     “No, jump higher - like this!”


love the QOL for breaking objects; lets see how the AI plays out with lots of enemies & barrels

While this is nice I still think that pets should by default attack what I am attacking and stay by my side unless they are told to do otherwise when I am not attacking. As it still is now they even get a whiff oh an enemy they tear off across the screen to attack it. This I really wish was not the case. This is a great step for the “A” command but I think it doesnt fix the larger issue with pets.


Can we get the pet attack button as a bindable key? I already use “a” for one of my skills.

Long time summoner here and it’s really good stuff but i should agree that minions must not spread around. I’d prefer them attacking my target no matter wat i use, attack skill or curse.

EDIT: Also i wanna add some thing that annoys while you playing summoner:
Imo minions should rather teleport with you like in diablo2 or by pressing “A” you should convoke them like Convocation works in poe. It will speeds up gameplay enough and pretty useful.

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In the future, I would like to be able to switch behavior modes for minions- aggressive and passive. In passive mode - command-only attack.

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We need a skilltree node for pets to smash breakables on their own. “crate hunter” or whatever.

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I agree with a lot of these comments about pets running away attacking random enemies too often, off screen even. This is a step in the right direction for sure. But an ability bar for pets to set them to “stay close” or “attack on sight” would be amazing. It could be something you set on each minion individually, to open up for tactics. Maybe you could set some minions to go for weaker target, and others to go for tough enemies like bosses.

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Love it! Bear you go right up the middle, Wolves take the right flank, Cat you take the left flank.

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Exactly! But maybe it should be limited to the Beastmaster, since he’s the master and pack leader of his pets and more of a tactician IMO, where the Necromancer just has a lot of semi-mindless skeletons that is just an army of death rolling over the enemies like a swarm.

Either way, I think the threat distance is still too wide and pets/minions should stay closer to their master, unless told otherwise.

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