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Unity 2019.3 and Linux

I seems unity 2019.3 port to linux works now:


I have been experiencing lots of crashes and loss of saved games since I was able to play the game. Will some of these issues be corrected with patch 0.7.7 when it comes out for linux?
I am willing to provide any information that might guide you in the solution of these problems,.

Thanks in advance for your attention.


So, to clarify, it’s not the game engine itself that has been problematic for us. The sound system we use is currently preventing us from successfully building clients for Linux. I’m not currently able to offer an ETA, but we hope to have this situation resolved in the near future.

Regarding the crashes, could you please give us a bit more information? It would help a lot if you could post a log file, which you can attach to a forum post using the button. Do they happen at any particular time (e.g. during combat, when loading zones, something like that?)

I see. Here’s the log from the latest crash. It occurred as I went through a door, from one area to another.Player.log (91.6 KB)

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