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Unique shield The Slab appears to be broken

I made a new sentinel and I noticed I had a Slab in my stash. It has no level requirement so I put it on my new character. I have not blocked a single attack since equipping it. It’s supposed to be a 40% reduction in block chance but it appears to be making block chance 0%. For what it’s worth, my character sheet says 18% but as I said, I haven’t blocked a single attack since equipping it and I have gained 3 levels in that time.

edit: Went from level 3 to level 8 without a single block so I re-equipped my starter shield and immediately started seeing blocks again. Item is definitely not working.

Been using the slab myself for a bit. I’m pretty sure it’s not a bug. You aren’t getting notified of blocked damage because the blocked hits aren’t doing damage. There seems to be a ringing sound and a small light bubble effect when it absorbs a hit.

Interesting. I never noticed either and it seemed like I was taking a lot more damage during the time I used it then I did before or after. I’ll have to look at it again.

Not saying you’re wrong, but if what you say is the case, they need to put the “Block” combat text in for it at the very least so it behaves like other shields. Having nothing but an audiovisual effect is too easy to miss, obviously.

honestly you might be taking more damage overall (when in the middle of a bunch of hits) as a result of the reduced block chance. With enough block protection with normal shields it tends to feel like blocked hits don’t do damage anyways. Thinking I’ll take off the slab after all.

@Arethwyn is correct-- when you take no damage from a block, the Block pop-up is not displayed. I think that’s a bug itself, but The Slab is working as intended. Thanks for the report!

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