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Underutilised/annoying top health bar

Hello there,

I had a few thoughts regarding the health bar at the top of the screen, and how it seems underutilised and in some cases a little annoying.

  • As I move around holding left click, it’s constantly target swapping and it can be very jarring at times. If you have minions this becomes even worse because a lot of the time the bar ends up swapping back and forth between enemies and allied minions. Consequently, I think an option to at least disable minions from being shown on the health bar would help.
  • When there’s an elite present, I think it should default to the elite unless you actively target lower priority enemies. It feels weird fighting a yellow and a random trash mob is being shown :joy:
  • It might be neat to have a separate elite/unique enemy indicator/health bar that persists regardless of what you are targeting

Thanks for reading,


Since a moment i was starting to think of the same issue, minion are always under the mouse cursor priority instead ennemies and it’s anoying so thank for this post.


Heh, me and my OCD noticed it very quickly and when I couldn’t find anything in the options to fix it… well, I figured posts have been made for less :hugs:

That said though, I did just find a post touching on the minion part from a while back, so my bad for not searching before posting very well. #lazysearching

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Oh i didn’t know it was already said^^

Minion health should go (since we already have one in the top left), but the prioritizing elite is something I disagree with.

Hey folks,

This is a technical limitation rather than a design decision. We’d like to make it easier for you to see the health bars you’re interested in (e.g. a boss, not 1 of 15 Wraiths you’ve summoned), but I’m not able to offer an ETA for when we may be able to do so.


Thanks Sarno, glad to see it’s on the radar at least.

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